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    I have recently received a diagnosis that my six year old has TS. I often wonder as he doesnt tick all the time. My question is one of the ticks he has is that his arms go up above his head but you can see his fingers go rigid. I tend to wonderif maybe this is something else. Does anyone else get this or should I be going back to the doctor?

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    Your son will not necessarily tic all the time. Tics are more prevalent at some times of the day, and less prevalent at others. In general, when stress levels are high, tics are more noticable. Tics also change over time. A tic your child has now may be replaced by different ones in a few weeks or months.

    Tics can include movements where a part of the body tenses, or seems to be rigid. However, if you are concerned, check with your doctor.

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    Hiya! My son (now 14) had a very similar tic when he was mucher younger. It too, like other tics waxed and waned and eventually went away to be replaced by something new. tics come in many different forms, and any concerns could possibly be answered by your doctor. GOOD LUCK!

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    We haven't been officially diagnosed yet but I think my son does have Tourettes. He has a tic similar to what you describe, my son put his hand behind his head but wiggles his fingers and it messes his hair, he has another one where he brings his hands to his face on either side of his nose and holds his fingers rigid in a curl and breaths in hard. He has a new one as of today, hands go up to his ears and do a wiggle. We will have days that there are very few and others with much more. The car is the worst for him, almost continual.


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