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Thread: Are there anger outbursts in people with TS?

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    Default Are there anger outbursts in people with TS?


    I am trying to find out more about TS as I just started dating a guy who has TS. Do people with TS have anger outbursts or anything like that?


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    Default is there anger outburst's in people with TS?

    Just as every person has their own personality, people with Tourettes have their own 'symptoms' as well as possibly having other psychological difficulties. These can vary from minor tics to major issues that need to be considered in each individual.

    My teenage daughter, for example, was diagnosed when she was much younger (about 6 years ago) after pulling all the hair out from one side of her head and having multiple tics. Since then, she has been on various medications to assist her in focusing her attention and controlling her tics and impulses, and for the most part has been a wonderful child.

    Any temper outbursts she has had as she grows up (usually with her little brother and older sister) have not been, in my opinion, any worse than any other child growing up. She has also shown her temper to us (her parents) on occasion, but I would think no more than many other teenagers.

    For others, their experiences will be completely different, and the doctor's who work with each person/family will assist in those people coping with their own personal situations as well as coming up with an ongoing treatment program.

    In the end, the only thing that could be said over a message board like this is each case must be looked at on it's own, and that everyones experiences can be very different.

    From the TSFC website article ...

    MYTH: Anger and Rage are much more common in TS. These words do not reflect a single type of behaviour. The behaviour we label needs to be further delineated as to what precedes and follows the behaviour, how long the build-up takes, the duration of the episode, and what makes it better or worse. (This is the same kind of careful analysis we are expected to do with any symptom.) Although angry episodes can indeed be a major problem for some persons with TS, many children and adults without TS have bad tempers, too.
    Claims that this is more common amongst those with TS, or has unique characteristics, should be tempered with caution until better information is available. We are now seeing the ultimate confusion: children or adults referred without any tic history, but whose outbursts of anger are interpreted as "tic equivalents." (We might as well interpret any other symptoms or changes as tics or as related to the still unfound "TS gene," as some authored colleagues do. Although this seems to satisfy some who would like a complete explanation for everything, it seems more like spreading a concept to the point where it becomes scientifcally meaningless.)

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    Default is there anger outburst's in people with TS?

    My fiancee has TS, and he has outbursts. Although it does say it is a myth, we were told by his doctor that it is a symptom of TS. His father has TS as well, and he suffers from outbursts of anger as well.

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    Default is there anger outburst's in people with TS?

    I think the difference with the anger or 'rage' issue can be seen in the triggers. My daughter is set off by not being able to complete the compulsions that follow the obsessions. That's understandable since that's what causes her stress. By the same token, these are the little things, as opposed to more major stresses that tend to set off people without TS.

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    Default is there anger outburst's in people with TS?

    Yes agreed. I know for my Fiancee, he gets angry over simple things. Usually over something such as something is not where it is suppose to be.

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    Default is there anger outburst's in people with TS?

    My son who is 11 yrs old now does have temper outbursts also. And when he gets this way alot of his tics come out on him too

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    Default is there anger outburst's in people with TS?


    My fiancee as well. When he gets angry, his tics become more pronounce and more frequent

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    Default is there anger outburst's in people with TS?

    It has been suggested that people afflicted with TS have a higher baseline level of anxiety, which can result in an anger or rage reaction when an additional anxiety provoking situation is added.

    So while most people might cope with a particular stimulus, A TS person might just get pushed over the edge.

    Perhaps some light duty psychological support or behavioral modification along with the support of a loved one can help the TS person recognize the onset of a rage reaction and learn abortive strategies.

    Though it does not work every time for me, it is the way I try to cope with this type of behaviour in myself.

    I am not aware of scientific evidence supporting this particular claim, but it has been anecdotally reported.

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    Default is there anger outburst's in people with TS?

    Personally, coming from a person with TS, its not that anger or rage is a symptom of TS. But people with TS are going to have outbursts of anger from time to time. (myself included) It mainly stems from the fact that they are experiencing a tic and it is frustrating them. But no one else really knows what to do or say, combined with that sometimes the TS patient doesnt know either. From all this, your only release seems to be anger. I never have a had a tic that was of anger or rage. I have had tics that frustrated me and due to other outside implacations (already being in a bad mood or being unable to preform a simple task due to the TS) it made me angry. But also relize, the person with TS is not really mad at any single person, they are just angry with the situation they are in.
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    Default is there anger outburst's in people with TS?

    yes, i agree with that, myself have had some anger problem but i didnt know why, i yell had my fammily and i didnt even know why,

    but when my anger start to get high,, ususally that means that my tics are gonna come bak in a couple of days.

    do any of the parent or person who has ts seem to notice this??

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