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Thread: Genetics and Tourette Syndrome

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    Default Genetics and Tourette Syndrome

    Just interested to know if any of you have noticed any genetic factors in your family related to Neurological and Psychiatric disorders.

    On my side of the family, we have two generations of Anxiety, Depression, Sensory Dysfunction, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Tourette Syndrome, Autism, Learning Disorder and Multiple Schlerosis.

    I look forward to all your replies.
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    Default Genetics

    I keep reading how Tourettes is hereditary; but we don't know of any on either side of our family. However, our son was very premature, and we wonder if that is the cause of the Tourettes and ADHD. And if that is the cause, would he pass it on to his children?

    I have met quite a few parents at the Tourettes Clinic where we go, who say they have Tourettes, or did as children and their children also have it.

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    Default genetics

    Well I have Mild OCD and suffered bouts of depression, my son has Tourettes with ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, Sleep issues, and Sensory issues. I am the 3rd generation that we are aware of in the women in my genetic line to suffer from depression. My paternal Grandfather had serious mental health issues. And my husbands family has cases of anxiety, manic-depressive, and other mental health issues. I am fully convinced that there is a genetic reason for my sons Tourettes. When we got married there was a private joke between the two of us that our kids didnt stand a chance. It was our private honesty with each other that the genetic inheritance that we would be handing to our kids was almost a guarantee. :D

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    Default Re: Genetics

    lena: What are the coordinates of the Tourettes Clinic?

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    Default Genetics and Tourette Syndrome

    My brother and father have always had facial type of tics, never anything they would have gone to the doctor about. Other than that nothing. My son was not premature and was a planned C-section so didn't have any complications. I think if this is genetic you have to have the genetic layout to have it so you may find someone further back in your history who had silly blinking or tics of some sort. Maybe on your spouses side. I think my hubby said his brother had facial tics growing up too.

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    Default no tip off

    There is no history of any related syndromes on either side that we can come up with. That is what is so frustrating. My son just turned 8 and is the sweetest little boy ever! I try to be strong for him, but I am scared to death of what kind of cruelty he has in store for him from kids and adults who don't understand.

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    Default Genetics and Tourettes...newbie here. :)

    We were not surprised when we found out about our son's diagnoses at age 5 1/2. I can think of all kinds of other emotions we were feeling, but surprise wasn't one of them. My husband had verbal tics growing up and remembers many OCD behaviors as well that he had. When we started digging for genetic information, we found out that his nephew also had many of the same tics and still displays certain Tourettes like symptoms now although they have vastly diminished over the years. (Our nephew is in his 20s. I was very fortunate to have a diagnoses from Dr. Roger Freeman at Vancouver Children's Hospital who really helped us in those initial stages. We were very fortunate.
    By the way, I've never posted to a Tourette's Board before or even talked that much about it to others. My son is a twin and he will be 15 this month. Challenging, but the light of our lives, without a doubt.

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    Default Re: Genetics and Tourette Syndrome

    I have ocd and gad. I had vocal tics as a child (throat clearing and echolalia when watching tv) but I outgrew them. My husband doesn't remember anything he did as a child(weird but that's what he says.) I remember everything from a very early age of 2 yrs. My husbands brothers children age 7 and 10 both have facial tics (mild) and the boy age 7 has a vocal tic and has been diagnosed with adhd. My husbands mother also has ocd (mild.) So it would appear that maybe my son got two copies of the ocd gene and maybe that's why he has the motor tics. But my son is way smarter than me or my husband were at his age. My son is 9 and his tics just developed all of a sudden 4 mos. Before he turned 9.

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    Are your children fraternal twins and does the other twin have TS? Just curious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ally View Post
    My son is a twin and he will be 15 this month. Challenging, but the light of our lives, without a doubt.
    Are your children fraternal twins and does the other sibling have TS?

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