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Thread: Adult with tourettes

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    Default Adult with tourettes

    Hello People!
    I'm a female (52 yrs) and have had tourettes since I was a wee child. I was only diagnosed in my early 40's. I attended the tourettes group in Guelph Ontario several years back. However, I found it geared more to parents whose children had ts. I sure would like to meet and chat with adults in my shoes. God Bless

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    Default Adult with tourettes


    I am also an adult with TS and think it's good to talk to other adults with TS. It's nice to have that immediate understanding and it's good to share all the positives! I've been reading all the posts on the parents forum as well (I have a child with TS too) and I hope they can get some sense that there are lots of adults that have been quite sucessful so as their child grows up they can be sucessful too (whatever your definition of sucessful might be!)
    I am fairly newly diagnosed and as I was researching and reading everything I could about TS it struck me how many great stories there are out there but I'm sure there are lots of funny anecdotes too. I remember one exam I was writing and I kept flinging my pen out of my hand...luckily I always brought several pens with me!! Also I was in the aisle so nobody was on the receiving end of the pen as it went flying....! :D


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    Default Adult with tourettes

    Hi Folks

    Just a quick note to let adults in Canada know that an adult issues committee exists to address your needs. This committee is working on expanding its reach so let them know what your needs are.

    FYI: A group of adults with TS and TS+ have been meeting for support as well as socially in the Mississauga/Oakville area on a semi regular basis for some time now. This particular location was chosen as it is central to this existing participants which come in from the Kitchener/Waterloo area in the West and from Durham Region in the East.

    Contact the Foundation's national office for more details on this and the release date for A Journey of Discovery the Foundation's newest video dealing specifically with adult issues.

    You've all got so much to give to the young people coming up behind you, consider getting involved, you'll get back so much more than you'll give trust me.

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    Default Hi all


    I am 31 with Tourettes, OCD , ADD and anxiety disorder. I am in the process of getting diagnosed with the Tourettes. I hid it. Tired of hiding it though for the sake of others. Not worth the inner pain it causes.

    I have a tic that drives me nuts some days but can be funny too. I twitch my now like a bunny does. I feel like that all I am missing is the carrot. It usually make me laugh. Gets hard on the nose though.

    Just thougt I would pop in and say hi. I don't know any adult that have TS personally. It's nice to have contact with those who have it.

    Take care all :D


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    Default Anyone in Vancouver?

    Hello, I'm 26 in Vancouver with TS+. Actually the tourettes is minimal, it's the anxiety that comprises most of my illness. I moved out here several years ago, at that time I was diagnosed by a UBC neurologist, and referred to a movement disorder clinic. After having tried most every drug indicated for TS/OCD, sadly, pronounced anxiety remains.
    Not long after being first diagnosed, I was connected with a support group, but didn't maintain contact. Now at 26, I'm curious as to what sort of TS community exists in the Lower Mainland. When someone says they have TS, it's sometimes hard to know what experiences you might share, as it does span such a spectrum of disorders and symptoms. I was curious if anyone suffers a sort of agoraphobia.
    Something, that seems to have made something of a difference after all these years, unlikely and curious as it must seem, is something called a q-link. It's a medallion made by ''. a U.S. company that markets the toonie + size pendant as a device to neutralize electromagnetic waves. I've only had it for about a month, I got it from my parents who heard of a girl back east with tourettes who believes it to have made a difference.
    I do keep the placebo effect in mind, after putting it on, however, I was able to somewhat comfortably walk into a fairly busy shop, and not feel overwhelemed by all the environmental stimulus. I was able to walk with composure it's still seems to be making a difference, I mean it's definately not a cure, but it alows me to pull myself together enough, that I can take a minimal amount of enjoyment at times from superficial social interaction.
    Anyhow, I'm looking for the package with the email addy it might be www.biopro.?? sorry ..~) But I would be interested in knowing of any group that meets in the lower mainland, where people can get together and share experiences, coping strategies etc.. I have an aunt who connected me with Dr. Doran of Cranbrook B.C., the recently retired surgeon with tourettes. I'll post a link to the article from the paper I got, I was also sent a very interesting tape where he talks about tourettes, some implications, and insights. I'll look post a link to the article, and see what can be done about the tape. Anyway take care, all the best.

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    Default Adult with tourettes


    I myself at 35 and have been diagnosed with TS since about the age of 8-9. I know exactly what you mean about the twitching like a bunny...I also did that and I now have one that drives me crazy, as well as fellow friends (actually makes them laugh), I raise my eyebrows up and down...and like you said it sure is hard on the forehead and quite exhausting. Would love for you to keep in touch. Like you, I know no other adults with Tourettes.

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    Default chapsnaps


    Nice to meet you. Hi to everyone as well. It's nice to find a place to chat isn't it? The only other person I know with Tourettes is my son.

    I am starting to slowly get used to letting tics out in public. I find the more I let out, the better I feel inside. When I hide them, I get a yucky feeliong inside. I hate that feeling even more. Might as well just go with the flow. :D

    Some of my other tics are face grimacing, eye rolling, rocking back and forth, wrist flicking and I snap my head back. (Hate that one, it hurts). I do a noise that makes me sound like a snob, HEHE. It interferes with my speech sometimes too. that is just plain annoying.

    I tend to be a night owl. My whole family is lie like. I think its genetic. HAHA.

    Well gonna scoot. Welcome and have a good one

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    Default Bunny nose tic

    I find the bunny nose tic quite entertaining to hear about as my mother has the exact same one. She attributes it to Bewitched, a show that was quite popular when she was young. She used to get yelled at by her grandfather and she'd have to hide under the dining room table to do it by herself. She was trying to turn him into a mouse from there because she was sure she must be a witch if she could move her nose like that! Thank you both for sharing that you have that tic, my mother has never heard of anyone else having it and is getting quite the giggle from your messages!

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    Default Adult with tourettes


    There is no doubt that self acceptance is the first step to living comfortably with yourself when youo have TS.

    You will find the more people you meet with the disorder, and learn their experiences, the more you will realize you are not alone...and you are not alone. We are here to help you.

    Have you ever discussed your TS with a physician or other health professional? Have you checked to see if there is any local support group or TS resource in your area?

    Have a look HERE for TSFC Affiliates.

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    Default temoigner

    I wish temoigner would have a wa yto contact her as private mail is disabled in this post. Hi tamoigner, I am 36 in Coquitlam with TS. As you said there are varied symptoms, I have had LOTS over the years. I finally got myself diagnosed, but I knew for a long time. Just now I know the tics are OK.
    I had the bunny nose for years too...all through high school. And you know what,I came out OK. My kids think my tics are just part of me, they are not embarrassed by them..yet. I'll deal with that as the time comes.

    Chapsnaps Aren't the facial ones a pain? I do the blink/squint combo and I keep telling my husband i 'll need botox,all that scrunching MUST be adding to the wrinkles.

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