Hey All,

I'm a law student with mild TS. I also have interests in education and youth programming, and have worked at camps and as a religious youth group advisor.

For the past few years, I've wanted to start something up that would offer a service to kids and teens with TS. I was just wondering if anyone has some ideas for services that could help fulfill the needs of this demographic.

Some ideas I have considered:
- Web site with discussion boards and moderators who have been through situations similar to these kids/teens.
- Teen conventions once or twice a year, similar to the youth programs at the TSFC Convention, but geared specifically towards youth, with a strong social component.
- Some sort of newsletter.

I attended the TSFC conference in London a couple years back (and will hopefully head to Montreal if my schedule permits). I was impressed with the youth program at the conference, but have found that there is little formal programming during the time between conventions. (Although I know there are some awesome people out there that have put together some unique programs).

I'd prefer to discuss ideas on here so we can all participate in the discourse, but feel free to email or MSN me.