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Thread: Let me introduce myself

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    Default Let me introduce myself

    My youngest of three daughters has Autism and Tourette Syndrome. She is a beautiful, bright child who keeps us on our toes at all times. As she gets older, her tics become more of a challenge for her and for us as a family. I look forward to learning more through this forum about Tourette Syndrome and how I can help my daughter, myself, and the rest of our family cope with the difficulties associated with a disorder that is so misunderstood by our community.

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    Default I totally understand

    Hey there Andy,
    I totally understand where you are coming from, especially about getting the community to understand about your daughters disorders. I have a 12 year old boy who has been diagnosed with Tourettes, conduct disorder and Obsessive Compulsive disorder. I believe he also has Bi-polar and perhaps Oppositional Defiant disorder but oh well.

    My hardest challenge was actually getting my family to understand what he has and how to handle him. They were always saying that he just needs a good spanking. I don't agree with that and told them so.

    If you ever want to chat in length, let me know, I have all my info there, you can add me to msn or yahoo or icq. We can chat about whatever.


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    Default Hello Bonnie....

    I was so pleased to see someone from NB here on this board!
    My 9 yr old son was diagnosed with Tourette's/ADHD and OCD last Fall, but I knew in my heart long before we had an official diagnoses.
    It continues to be a challenge and my family and I are continually learning and stumbling along this path....
    Mayyhew is a bright, loving soul, and I want to do my best for him.
    I struggle with the impusivity he shows, and the seeming lack of concern for others feelings...along with the struggles he has in school.
    There are days I sit and cry at the end of a long day, and then there are the bright moments when he says or does something that lifts my heart! Matthew brings colour to our world, that is for sure!
    Bonnie, have you found any particular resources here in NB that are very helpful? I would love to hear from you....


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