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    Default Looking for school

    This is my first time on this service. I have an eleven year old child whom I am very worried about in addition to his tourettes he also has ADHD and OCD, I feel he is slipping through the cracks of the public school system and its large classes. He has a book report due in 4 days but has not read a book he can not even sit through 2 min straight of reading. However when people meet him they are amazed at how intelligent he is. His teacher feels he is just not putiing in the effort. I have tried many strategies from books to doctor suggestions so on and so on. I know my child, he simply can not get organized or stay on task with out the impulse to jump up , snap his head or move on to something more interesting. He is not doing this to be devient. He will be starting junior high in the new school year and we are on a desperate search for a school that can accomadate his disorders. When I spoke with his current principal she was not even aware that some of my sons behaviors were symptoms of TS. Why are our educators unaware of these conditions? If anyone is aware of a school in the Toronto area that caters to these children I would love to hear about them.

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    Default Looking for school

    Have you contacted Montessori schools? Also my nephew was put on Dexedrine, 5mg spanules which is a very low does of speed and it calmed him right down and he was able to sit and have his thoughts run together, it is a miracle drug with no side affects (except decreased appetite). It has changed their lives. He does not have tourettes but he does have ADHD and a bit of hand washing, not sure if he has OCD. GL and let us know what you find, I think my son has tourettes so any info I would like to hear.

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    My son is actually on 4 different meds there are days when I realize the reasoning behind it and other days I feel like I am drugging my son. I have a hard time just handling his behaviors and constant impulses, I can only imagine how hard it is for a teacher with a large group of kids. I looked into Montessori before and we had decided it was not a good fit maybe I will try again. I think they are mostly available for primary schools and my son will start grade 7 in the fall. Thanks though, I will do some more research on them.


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    Default Looking for school

    Hi there! I have an eight and half year old son with TS, ADHD(combined), OCD/LD. Our son attends public school in Mississauga and has been identified exceptional behavioural/learning disabled. Does your son have an IEP within the Toronto School Board? Have you in-serviced your son's school so that adminstrative and teaching staff are aware of your son's condition? Your son is not lazy!! HIs teacher is making a judgement that he is not putting in enough effort. Let the teacher go through each and every day with the afflictions that your son has. I would strongly suggest that you read Dr. Mel Levine's book, "One Mind at a Time" and "The Myth of Laziness". Our son's school is "Attuned" and the basis is to look at each child's "strengths and weaknesses" and to adjust expectations on these principles. I don't know about the Toronto School Board and whether or not they have any "attuned" schools or not. Your question regarding schools in T.O. that cater to kids like ours, I cannot give you. There is a school in Mississauga called Star Academy and Mastery Academy (related) that cater to neurologically challenged kids. You can find them on the web. Advocacy is huge part of our energy expenditure and can bring results. It takes time and a lot of energy and can be quite frustrating!! I don't know if these comments will help, but I hope that they do!!

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