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Thread: Tourettes & Anger

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    I am still not sure if my son has tourettes but would be shocked if I got a different diagnosis. The last few weeks I have noticed that my 4.5 year old gets excessively angry if he doesn't get his way. This morning we were playing board games and when I didn't want to play one that he wanted to, he lost it. Stomping and hitting walls and slamming doors, this all could sound normal for a 4.5 year old but he can't stop. He was still mad and stomping more than an hour later. If I can't find something to distract him he would stay mad longer. He makes a hmpfff kind of sound the entire time too and yells. I am not happy about this but don't know what to do cause I don't want to get mad back or discipline him if he can't help it. I sent him to his room till he wasn't mad anymore and he messed that up, this is all new to me is this part of Tourettes or an individual case of Tourettes or just hopefully a phase that he would have whether he has Tourettes or not.

    Thanks for any insight.

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    Default Tourettes & Anger

    Paediatricians usually won't diagnose Tourettes until the child has been exhibiting symptoms for 9mths to a year. I think this is because it is difficult to determine if their actions are behavioural or truly tourettes. Tourettes is repetitive in nature and as a parent the action doesn't seem the normal response for the situation. My son does experience outbursts of anger at times and distraction doesn't help we just have to let the outburst lose its' steam. Then after we discuss counting to ten and deep breathing at the first feeling of anger, it has helped. I still discipline him if he is destructive because I think it is important that he is aware that his anger cannot be dealt with in that way. My son is 8 but 4.5 yr olds still know how to count maybe it would help or decide with him ahead of time what games/activities you will be playing so it prevents an outburst. We also do this for any activity my son is in and I will remind him that he has only 5min left to watch a cartoon or colour etc before supper.

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    Default Tourettes & Anger

    Thanks J-ulie.

    We will try to counting, he does know how to count and I have a reward system in place now too. My son has had tics since he was around 2 maybe sooner, its just the anger that has come up over the last few weeks. He was always so patient, even at preschool they would tell me they couldn't believe his patience at such a young age. Not anymore!!

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    Default Tourettes & Anger

    Hi Sandee,
    I can relate and sympathize with you and how you feel. My son Branden was diagnosed by complete accident when he was two and half yrs. old. I had major concerns regarding his articulation when it came to his speach. Branden's father and I were divorced at this time (but still remain amazing friends through alot of hard and honest work) and he didn't think there was a problem with our son.. to him this was normal, and this is what he himself remembered from his own childhood. I on the other hand already had a child who is seven and a half yrs. older than Branden. I myself was having problems understanding my own son!! and not b/c his older sister did the talking for him either. I was and still am the primary caregiver to both my children... an advantage for my kids to being a stay-at-home mom, but a major disadvantage to myself and our family bills.
    It was the speach therapist who then refered Branden to one of her co-workers in the clinic, a child phycologist, who did a variety of tests and interactive games with him... the end result was expensive (as this was done privately) and to me extremely devestating!! Our son was diagnosed with TS, OCD, SID (sensory intigration disorder or dysfunction), ADHD, as well as having speach challenges. I still remember that day as if it were yesterday, I bawled my eyes out from the very depths of my soul (and all infront of his father as well :oops: ). I do not regret chosing to give birth to my son... and I wouldn't change him for the world! It was a shock for both his father and I... as we later found out that his father has it too, and has had it for all his life... (32 yrs. ago there was very little knowledge about TS, and his mother was told that his behaviour was caused b/c of her recent seperation from his father - he was just acting out). Branden was born angry (if that's at all possible to believe). Don't get me wrong he was a very happy baby most of the times... but certain things would just send him off the deep end without any reasonable explenation! Touch (gentle was the worst), colours (yellow especialy), Taste/texture of clothing, food you name it, smells from food, people, outside. He would become my little "storm cloud" and punch, hit, stamp his feet, bite, scream, throw things, bang his head off of walls/floors.... I got scared when these things happened, and thought I had a child with a split personality... When these things would happen and his temper got out of control I would put him in a "Mama Bear Hug" and use just enough pressure to encircle him with my arms and all the love in my heart. I would keep him like that untill he would calm down and could reason as best he could, and not hurt himself or anyone else. Branden would just cry and tell me "It wasn't me Mommy... It was someone else" or "I'm sorry Mommy, I didn't mean to do it". It was the first statement that caused me great alarm... and now I am grateful to at least have some answers as to what caused and still causes these outbursts - some are milder today than they were in the beginning, but this comes with age, maturity, learning/teaching, and a never ending supply of love and understanding. I hope your son is just going through a "test Mommy" stage, and all will soon pass for you. In order to be diagnosed with TS the symptoms, as have been stated in some of the postings before need to be around for awhile, and with some regularity before an official diagnosis can be given, sometimes other symptoms relating to other challenges are involved as well, but just mask each other. Stay strong, and open minded.

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    Default Tourettes & Anger

    Thanks for sharing with us Sonja. I really appreciate knowing others are going thru this too. I will try the bear hug.

    Our appointment is this monday with a pediatrician, I will post anythign I learn, have a feeling this is just the beginning of many more appointments.

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