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Thread: Social Difficulties

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    Default Social Difficulties

    Our son was diagnosed when he was 7, at that time he had both vocal and physical tics like hand clapping, shoulder shrugging and making high pitched squeaking sounds. We have noticed his tics definetly increase during times of stress eg. when his grandma died, we moved, something happened in school etc. We have also noticed that there are sometimes weeks that we don't see or hear any tics. He is very concerned with his appearance and is sensitive to labels, seams and layering of clothing. He does have some social issues when meeting people and makes odd facial expressions, changes his voice and doesn't answer questions directly. My husband and I have just noticed this recently, does anyone have ideas on destressing social contact?

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    Default Social Difficulties

    Hi J_ulie,

    I have an 8 year old who is not yet diagnosed with Tourette's (we are seeing the pediatric psychiatrist in March) but he sounds very much like your son. He is very sensitive to clothing, tags etc on his skin, very concerned about his appearance ( in his case, I think a touch of OCD) and has a very difficult time meeting people. He will drop to the floor and hide under chairs, counters, pews, behind us or pull his jacket up over his head.
    What is kind of funny though, is that if someone gets the chance to meet him, they think he is a very agreeable kid because he has a head tic that causes him to nod constantly :-) He has had this tic for about a year now and it is constant.
    Anyway, even with peers he has trouble, but we've had a hard time defining why exactly. He just doesn't seem able to connect with them and play. I hope to find out if this is related to Tourette's or perhaps a self esteem issue that has arisen out of his self consciousness.
    We just let him be, for the most part, we never force him to be social but I worry that we may not be teaching him the skills he needs. I even homeschool him to alleviate some of the stress he was feeling. He does take part in swimming, floor hockey, basketball and field trips plus socializing with his five siblings so he is not a recluse.
    I wish I had some actual advise or helpful information but I just wanted to sympathize with you. Perhaps if you guys talk to him about a social situation that is upcoming and he is more prepared for it, it may take some of the stress off. I know that is not always possible though.

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    Default Social Difficulties

    Hi J_ulie and Judy

    I know you haven't posted in some time so if you are still browsing this forum I was wondering how your boys are doing. Have they been diagnosed? have you connected with your local TSFC affiliate?

    TS is a social disorder so it is common to see that your children will struggle with social situations and with making friends. Judy my oldest had a head tic like you described for almost 3 years witn no is opnly since June that I have noticed that his seems to have stopped...I hate to mention it because I fear it might return. :roll:

    If you are still visiting this forum please drop us a note for an update
    Janet, mom of 4

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