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    Hi, I am a mother of a nine year old boy that has TS, OCD, and anxiety. He was diagnosed at the age of six. Since then we have had many ups and downs. My son had rages on a regular basis until about the age of seven. He has many tics that wax and wane. Some of the tics include couch grabbing, lip chewing, breathing radically, inappropriate language, and loud vocal.
    Since my son's diagnoses the thing I find the most difficult to deal with are the other people around him. The school had a very hard time understanding and accepting my son's diagnoses. My parents have been in denial and do not want to accept it.
    At this time my son is in the hospital struggling with depression. He is home on the weekends. He is doing well but is really having a hard time being away from home. I will have to agree with him. I do not like him being away either.
    I am looking for people to talk with about TS+ and all related issues.

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    Default Hi Sheena

    My son Matthew is also nine, and was diagnosed with Tourette's/ADHD and OCD last September. The diagnoses was a relief in a way, because I knew in my heart that it was Tourette's but had a very difficult time getting anyone to listen.
    Matthew strugles with the same things I hear you say that your son does. My heart goes out to them and also to us because it is often frustrating to sit by and feel as if you can't help. I have found so much information and support through the Tourette's Foundation and also the "life's a Twitch" website by Dr Duncan McKinlay.
    I look at my son and see a bright little boy who just happens to have Tourette's. I speak with him matter of factly about his tics, and also the feelings he has and the emotions that are so much a part of who he is. At times I feel frustrated and angry, and it helps to know that there are other parents out there dealing with much the same things.
    Folks often have a hard time believing that the things Matthew says or does are difficult for him to control. I stand firm, and offer info on Tourette's and have even given people articles I have found. I meet regulrily with my son's teacher and others at his school.
    Hang in there Sheena! You sound like you are doing the very best for your son!
    I would love to email back and forth and offer support and encouragement to each other!

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    Default Hi MJ

    I would love to email and offer support to each other. I too have been looking for others to talk with. It really helps to get through some of the ups and downs when you are talking with others who understand.
    At this time, my son is doing very well. He is in a rehab hospital. They are teaching him coping skills and building his self esteem. The staff is great, which is making the experience easier.
    Myself, I am having a difficult time with him being away from home so much. It's funny, there have been days I would of done anything for a little time to myself and now I just don't know what to do with it all. I changed jobs about three year ago to work at home. When my son was first diagnosed he was having many rages. Over time he has improved 200%. It has been like having a different child. I have not seen a rage in about a year.
    I agree that website `life is a twitch` is a very good one. One of the best I have come across. It is hard to find good information about tourettes. I have found a couple of books and a few websites though.
    Tell me a bit about you and your son. Is he in school. Do you have any other children.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Default Hi Sheena

    Hi Sheena,
    Thanks for the reply! I sent an email....hope you got it.


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