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    My daughter was diagnosed with TS just before Christmas she is 12 years old. I am trying to find a penpal for her so she can talk to someone her age who also has TS. The doctor wants to start her on clonidine to help her at school she has alot of problems with learning. I would also like to talk to someone about what to expect with the medication. thanks patti

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    I've been there already and found the medication works very well for our son, but must be monitored for the correct dosage.

    I understand the dosage is the same for most children for a selected period of time by your doctor. Ours was three months. The weight of your child makes a dif.

    Ours went through a growth spurt and the tic's became more obvious at school. This made the other children wonder what was going on. The dosage was increased moderately and we gave him the larger portion in the morning and the smaller in the evening. I also found timing made a dif too. I give the dosage by 7am and 7pm daily. The morning dose balances him out for the start of school.

    By keeping stress down and the right dosage we have been successful. He has had to learn how to handle stress and manage it at school but the children are more accepting of him now.

    Speak to your pharmacist about the drug and see the information on this website about it. It is commonly used and we have not had side effects in our situation. Our son goes to the doctor every three months.

    I hope all goes well for you.

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