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Thread: neuro-phsycololgist doctor

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    Default neuro-phsycololgist doctor

    Our school has called to let us know they are concerned about my 15 year old son's behavior. We haven't gotten a final diagnosis but our neurologist is suspecting TS, ADHD, and possibly OCD. They are concerned about his safety as sfter some of his episodes he seems to be disoriented. They think Home-schooling would benefit him more. They also wondered if a neuro-phsychologist would help my son in dealing with his shaking and whispering to himself. Has anyone dealt with a neuro-phsycologist before or do you recommend someone else. As I on the right track in dealing with the school? Thank You

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    Default Hi Rose

    I have a nine year old boy that has been diagnosed with tourettes, OCD, and anxiety at the age of six. Since that time he has been through many different doctors and treatments. I have found that some are very helpful and successful and others are not so. Follow your instincts, you know what is best for your child. My son has been to two neuro-phsycologist. The first was not well educated with tourettes. The second has been a God sent and done very well with my son.
    I too have home schooled. The school my son was in would not take the time to learn about his disorders. The up side, he had an easier time learning with one on one. The down side, they miss out on the socializing which is very important for these children.
    Best of luck

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    Default Resources for our children

    Check out Dr., he had a Doctor from Texas on his show recently that works with ADD, ADHD, OCD, ODD & TS children and adults. He was mentioning your question on the show and felt strongly that it could help. He also provided some direction to take.
    He is also a author of a good book focused on ADD. Look at the website and see what info you can find.

    Best of Luck to you through your research.

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