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Thread: Howdy youthfuls!

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    Default Howdy youthfuls!

    I was just wondering how many youth out there are using the website to get info and to chat?

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    Default Howdy youthfuls!

    well,,, i am one youth,, i am 16 years old.. and just found this site.

    any others??

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    Default Howdy youthfuls!

    i guess im another youth 15

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    Default Howdy youthfuls!

    Welcome to the TS Forum! Feel free to join in any discussions or start one of your own.

    For your own safety, do not post personal information like your address or telephone number.

    What is your particular interst in Tourette? Do you have a family member with the disorder or has the doctor told you that you might have it?

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    Default Howdy youthfuls!

    i was diagnosed when i was 7

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    Default Howdy youthfuls!

    Quote Originally Posted by olivier
    well,,, i am one youth,, i am 16 years old.. and just found this site.

    any others??
    how old were you when you were diagnosed? are you currently taking any medications for tourettes other than orap?

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    Default Howdy youthfuls!

    I'm not a teen any more but I do run a youth group FOR teens with TS and associated disorders. I was diagnosed when I was 14 and took almost every medication I can think of at one point or another, I'm no longer taking any meds and I'm 22 now. If you guys have any questions feel free to ask!

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    Default Howdy youthfuls!

    to teen with ticks

    i was diagnosed when i was 8 or 7.. so its mean we were diagnose at about the same time..

    yes i am currently taking clorindine.. or something like that... i dont know the name.. my father and mother take care of thing like that..

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    Default Howdy youthfuls!

    Would you mind telling us what meds you used and why you are off them now. Do you not need any or was it your choice to come off meds. I am sorry if I sound out against meds. It is just my frustrations of not knowing exactly what is wrong with my son other than being told possible Tourettes, ADHD and OCD. and now maybe anxiety.


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    Default Howdy youthfuls!

    hmm.. well i think the reason she isnt on meds *srry if its not that* is because some people *50/50* at the age of 18-19, the tick just dissapear.. and i think its would be useless to take meds after that.

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