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    I have heard that Strattera is good as well as Clonidine, Abilify, and Clonazepan. We haven't started drugs yet as we still haven't a final doctors opinion yet although 2 neurologists have suggested TS. There is a website in the US for TS that alot of people talk about the different drugs and Geodon, Risperdal, Orap and Haloperidol are getting bad reviews. We are just reading up on all these drugs so I will Know something when the Neurologist suggests one. But the thing is each child seems to react to each drug differently, so hearing of these drugs and their reactions I find is very informative just to know. What do you think?

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    Default different drugs

    Its great that you are researching the different drugs. I had terrrible experiences on different drugs when I was close to your sons age. AS my TS is just as bad now as it was back then and I dont take any prescription drugs now, I wish that I never had. I also know some one who recently had a bad experience with disturbing nightmares on resperidal.
    I was wondering what the web page address is in the US that you mentioned. :?:
    Best wishes Scott

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    Default different drugs


    Strattera is a recent addition to the list of meds being used to treat TS. It's a different class of medication for the others you have listed, being a norepinepherine uptake inhibitor. It works on specific brain neurochemicals to alter the amount of the neurochemical in circulation in the brain.

    When researching medications, it's worth noting the class of medication each one belongs to, and its mechanism of action. Each of these drugs has a different mechanism of action, and your doctor's clinical experience will guide the choice of medication that is selected.

    In doing your research, also take note of any drug / drug interactions, and be sure your doctor is aware of all medications, both prescribed and over the counter drugs that might be used.

    Also, before administering any over the counter medications like cough or cold medications or ant- acids check a reliable drug interaction resource site.

    Check with your pharmacist, and choose a pharmacist who understands the meds your son will be taking...your pharmacist can be a valuable resource in this regard.

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