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Thread: A little advice?

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    Hello, I think I might have tourette's. Just need some advice though. I can remember having shudder in class when I was 18 but just thought it was a habbit I couldn't break. Anyways now (24) I have vocal outbursts. I feel a ball of stress inside or jittery fire in the back of my legs and it feels so good to just let it out in a yell/phrase or something. Anyways I only indulge in this when I'm alone or it slips out when I'm with people I'm comfortable with like my mom or sister or girlfriend. But I always hide it by starting singing or saying I just stubbed my toe or something. They usually think i'm just trying to startle them otherwise. I thought it was just a bad habbit I couldn't kill because I can always tell a second before their coming and they're always associated with some embarrasing thought that pops into my head so this all seems kind of normal to me. Also very associated with stress especially social stress. So maybe I am just a little weaker in controlling my response to stress than other people. Once in a while something will pop out quietly on the bus in public but I just pretend I'm singing or something. At work the most I'll indulge in is a facial expression. When I'm home alone and stressed/tired I can really get going though. And finally I pick my gums to the point of doing some damage. This is really embarassing and I hide it from everyone but can't stop, only slow down. Anyways my point is this hassn't really messed up my life or anything and seems mild compared to stories I hear. Still I'd love to stop picking my gums and get rid of this anxiety that causes these outburts. Anyways just getting this off my chest and wondering what it sounds like to you or what I should do. I've read the descrption of tourette's in the last few days and think this is me, but I don't want to waste a doctors time with somthing that may be just hypochondriac or not even help me that much to diagnose when there are people with the severe stuff out there. But might feel good to diagnose. Anyways I think it might be tourette's let me know. Man thanks for listening!

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    Hey Andrew,
    I am sorry to hear about how confused you feel. I think that your best option would be to go and see a doctor. They are the only ones that can give you a proper diagnose. I am a speech language pathology student, and I am almost finished school and it sounds to me that you need a little bit of help. Doctors get paid to help you, and if you do not see anyone it will only raise your anxiety levels. I hope that this helps you out.

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    Default A little advice?

    Hey Andrew,

    The formal definition of TS requires it to have begun before age 18. You also only speak of vocal tics...TS requires some sort of physical tic, do you get those?

    Whether your concerns are formally TS or not, I can sympathize with your concerns. Speak to someone! Start with your GP and maybe a counselor (you could just be stressed) and see where that leads.

    Good Luck!

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    Default A little advice?

    I agree that maybe TS is possible. My son is 15 and is in the middle of being diagnosed. Your family doctor should recommend seeing a neurologist for tests to rule out certain conditions. You seem to have a vocal tic with your vocal outbursts. The picking of the gums sounds to me like OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. OUR friends daughter picks her toenails to the point of damage and she has TS, OCD. My son may also have ADHD, which I never would agreed with until I found out there is an inattentive part to ADHD that fits my son to a T. So seeing a neurologist is the best idea. Take care


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    Default A little advice?


    As others have advised, only a physician with an interest in TS can diagnose correctly. Unfortunately there is no blood test at the moment that can provide a definitive diagnosis, so you need to see a physician, either a GP or neurologist with an interest in TS. Not all physicians fully understand the complexities of the disorder, so you need to do some local research.

    Your local chapter of the TSFC can point you in the right direction.

    Suppressing tics by camouflaging them as something else is a strategy often used by those affected by the disorder, but there are many other factors that have to be considered.

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    Default A little advice?

    Andrew, first, I do agree, you will want to see a doctor for this. But, from what I read on your post, there are to me some signs of mild TS. I myself was diagnosed with mild TS when I was 5. The problem with people who have mild TS is that without a close look, it can be very hard to notice anything. I say this due that I experienced similair feelings when I was younger, the ability to control it only when alone and (I didnt pick my gums) I had the urge to rub my toes until they began to bleed. But again, you should see a doctor not just to see if you have TS but if you do, to get medicine or other theropy to help relive these tics.
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    Default A little advice?

    Hi Andrew

    Did you get to see a doctor with an interest in TS? If you are still browsing this forum we'd love to get an update. We are all still here and still willing to listen.
    Janet, mom of 4

    TSFC Homepage

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    Default A little advice?

    my advice see a psychiatrist and a psycholigist it helps really

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