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Thread: Graduate student who needs your help!!

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    Default Graduate student who needs your help!!

    I am a second year graduate student at Emory University studying Public Health. I am currently working on my thesis entitled, ? Understanding Visitors of Online Tourette Syndrome Bulletin Boards?. I chose Tourette Syndrome because I have a fifty year old uncle who has lived with TS for over forty years. His courage and will to cope inspired me to choose TS as my thesis topic. My hope is that your volunteer responses to the 26-item survey will help lay the foundation for encouragingTS bulletin board use. If you are 18 or older, currently living with TS, and have used TS bulletin boards more than five times over the past six months, then you are eligible to complete the survey. Any question that you do not feel comfortable answering can be left blank. Your responses to the questions are voluntary, and will be kept confidential. The survey should only take about 15 minutes to complete. Please click the following link in order to access the survey

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    Default survey closed

    Just a message to let anyone know that the above survey is finished.

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    Default Graduate student who needs your help!!


    Did you participate in the survey? If you did, what was it like and will we see any of the reports or data?

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    Default survey says

    Hi steve
    I wasnt able to participate cuz the survey had already closed. I think the survey had more to do with why people with tourettes use this bb rather than with ts itself. Maybe someone else or maybe EmoryU could tell us about it.
    I was interested in the survey becuz I think its a great way for people to learn about ts. For instance if we could start some surveys or polls on this bb with ?'s like: If you have ts have you been tested for allergies? What allergies do you have? What medications have you taken? How would you rate them? What side effects have you experienced? What kind of things seem to set off your tourettes? What 'tricks' do you use to calm your tics when they start? etc etc. Then others with ts and parents could learn lots by comparing the answers and seeing things that are common amoung patients-parents with tourettes.
    So what do others think? It could be intesting and even fun. Perhaps some people with ts who dont like writing would feel more motivated to answer ?'s that others are participating in. Polls could even be just a series of yes and no ?'s.
    Any other :idea: 's or suggestions?


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    Default Graduate student who needs your help!!

    Hi Scott!

    What a great ideas you have for introducing topics of discussion on the Forum!

    The types of subjects you have proposed would make wonderful topics for discussion, so please go ahead and start discussion topic using the titles you suggested.

    At the present time, our Forum is in the process of being "renovated" and once our rate of traffic increases to a point where polls would reflect a reasonable cross section of opinion, we could certainly consider using them. Polls can be fun too!.

    In the meantime, please feel free to start topics of discussion on the subjects you proposed ans well as any others you feel might be of interest.

    Of course, we would want to keep one subject under one subject title at a discussion for allergies, another for tic triggers etc.

    Go ahead and start them and we'll work with you to support your new topics.

    Thanks for your interest in the Forum and for sharing your experience.


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    Default Graduate student who needs your help!!

    Thanks Steve
    Yeah I really like this site and look forward to seein the 'renovations'.
    When other reg users are logged on is it possible to chat with them?

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    Default Graduate student who needs your help!!

    I agree, this would be an awsome idea! I too went to the link above and could not do the survey. I would definately think this would give people who dont have ts an understanding (well, a little understanding) with what we go through. Plus, it would help people with ts understand it more. I mean I was diagnosed with ts since I was real young (like 6 yrs old or something) and I even sometime dont really know why I do the things I do what triggers it. I think the poll/survey idea is great for everyone!
    The other day at a local grocery store, I saw a rack with books on it and one of them said, "pregancy for dummies"............

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    Default Graduate student who needs your help!!


    At the present time polls are not available on the TSFC Forum. Though polls can give you an idea of how people feel about a subject, you would need a very large number of respondents to give a truly indicative view.

    Edit: On further consideration of the good suggestion about using polls, we will give them a try...check around our various Forums for them....end of edit by steve

    The number of Forum members we enjoy at present would not give much of an indication. If 5 or 10 people are given three choices on a particular subject, your outcome would not have much statistical significance.

    However, as Scott proposes, if Forum members start discussion on subjects that interest them, others will respond and if you get 5 or 10 points of view in a discussion, then those views can help one gain insight into the subject.

    So, if there is something about TS that puzzles or concerns you, then chances are others have the same concern. Go ahead and start a "New Topic" in any of the Discussion Sections of the Forum.

    Cathy and I are in the background, available to help you with any Forum navigation questions, or if a posting needs to be moved or pruned, we can help with that too.

    It's your Forum so feel free to discuss anything on TS that interests you.


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    Default Graduate student who needs your help!!


    A chat function is not available on this Forum software. Have you had experience with online chat? What are your views on it?

    BTW many improvements have already been imlemented on the board, and others are planned.

    Do you have any suggestions as to what might be worth considering?

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    Default Graduate student who needs your help!!

    I havent had any experience with on line chat except with msm messenger talkin to people I already know. I would like to try it though.

    A different ts bb I use has private messaging which is alrite but we only seem to use it cuz we r not allowed to talk about what we want to on that forum.

    I think this forum is really good and cant really think of anything to improve it except for maybe a better background color. The gray is a little boring how bout some purples or orange? Not complaining tho.

    Keep up the great work

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