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Thread: Risperdal added on....

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    Default Risperdal added on....

    Well, we went back to Dr. Handelman yesterday for our med check up. Mason was put up to 25mg of strattera and Risperdal was added on. This risperdal makes me a little nervous. His tics are getting so bad that he is having them every 30 seconds. We now are seeing snorting, throat clearing, sniffing etc... They all seem to be vocal tics this time.

    Today is day one on the new meds. I sure hope the work!

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    Default Risperdal added on....

    We are supposed to get a final diagnosis on April 14. We have been reading up on all the meds out there and some of them are down right scary. Especially the ones that mentions suicide. So far we have checked out 17 drugs that are used for TS, ADHD OCD and other anxiety disorders. So far Clonidine and Concerta seem to have good results and less side effects however each child is different and reacts differently. There is a website that we use to check out each drug. If you go to Medline Health Plus at the National Library of Medicine this will give you all your info. It is an American website but the info and side effects have to be the same as in Canada I would assume. At least you can ask your Dr questions with this info. This is what they said about Risperdal


    Risperidone ( ris-PER-i-done) is used to treat the symptoms of psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia.

    Risperidone is available only with your doctor's prescription, in the following dosage forms:

    Oral solution (U.S. and Canada)
    Tablets, Orally disintegrating (U.S.)
    Tablets (U.S. and Canada)

    There is an awful lot of side effects. You should read them as these are all side effects from different people so once again if may be different for your child. I hope this helps you as if did us. We have no idea what drug we will get but Glenn wants something as he is 15 and just started what we think is TS in the fall. Being in High School, he is embarrassed by his movements and actions and his marks have fallen drastically. We just don't knwo what else to help him with.


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    Default Risperdal added on....

    >>the info and side effects have to be the same as in Canada I would assume<<

    Surprisingly the product monographs may not necessarily be the same. It depends on the studies the manufacturer submitted to the FDA and /or Health Canada for their approvals.

    Generally the monographs will be similar, but it is not unusual to see differences.

    Staistics in connection with adverse reactions or side effects have to be taken in context. There is no side effect free medication, so one has to weigh therapeutic benefits vs risks.

    This is where being informed by doing the research you are doing helps. Information is power and your knowledge will assist your physician in treating your child in the way that is best.

    When doing your product research, try pointing to the Canadian subsidiaries of the pharmaceutical company, to see the Canadian monograph.

    In addition, locate a legitimate site where you can look up drug interactions. Sometimes it is a drug interaction responsible for adverse reactions.

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    Default Risperdal

    I have a nine year old son that was diagnosed with TS, OCD, and anxiety. He was started on Risperdal about three weeks ago. We have noticed an increase of tics and OCD. We have also noticed a change in emotions. His doctor is unsure if this is due to the medication. I am fairly certain that it is the medication. It has been sugested to try the medication for about six weeks to know its effects on a person.

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    Default Risperdal added on....

    Glenn has been on Risperdal for almost a week now. We changed his time of taking it from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm so that he will get more coverage of it at school. The difference we have noticed is how settled he has become, only subtle changes such as he wants to walk to school again with his brothers and friend instead of me driving, no phone calls from school saying Glenn was having a hard time, his shaking is not as agitated and his auditory hallucinations are not as aggressive. I thought it was wishful thinking on our part to see a change so quick, but Glenn says not bad when I ask him how school went. He has more of a positive attitude. I have heard it can take weeks for the drug to get properlyl in the system that is why to give it a chance. However remember that to come off this drug has to be done slowly as well. Glenn has symptoms of TS, ADHD (inattentive), and possible OCD. But no official diagnosis yet, had to change Dr.'s. It is hard when every child reacts differently to a medication isn't it? Our hopes as parents are up and down all the time.

    Take care Rose

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    Default Risperdal added on....


    It cannot be stressed strongly enough that when medications need to be withdrawn (stopped) or even changed from one to another, that the doctor's instructions should be followed to the letter.

    Some meds need to be tapered because of their short half life in the bloodstream, and rapid withdrawl can lead to unpleasant and sometimes dangerous withdrawl symptoms.

    Drug manufacturers provide instructions to physicians on how to properly withdraw or switch their meds, plus the doctor's own expertise will guide the method for each patient.

    When a prescription for a new med is given to your son, ask the doctor:

    1) how is it supposed to be what time of day, are there any food restrictions (sometimes grapefruit juice) and be sure the doctor knows all other meds both prescribed and over the counter your son is taking.

    2) how long can we expect to see improvements, as some drugs take time to show effects.

    3) what side effects should we watch for?

    4) if the drug has to be stopped, what is the withdrawl protocol?

    It sounds like Glenn is making good progress so far. Hope it continues.

    Thanks for keeping us posted.

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