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Thread: Anyone noticed weight gain with Orap?

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    Default Anyone noticed weight gain with Orap?

    Hello to all. I am new to this forum. I was diagnosed with TS 9 years ago and have been on orap (pimozide) for 7 of those years. Also, I have been on apro-sertraline for the past 2 1/2 years to deal with minor OCD.
    The reason I am writing is to see if there are any other teens out there who have noticed weight gain and appetite gain due to one or both of these medications. I tried to gradually discontinue taking the sertraline (from 75 mg) but was unsuccessful and am now back on 50 mg. I also tried reducing the orap but found that my tics were becoming worse immediately.
    I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me?

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    Default Anyone noticed weight gain with Orap?

    i have no tips for you,, but ever since i started with orap i have gained alot of weight, my doctor says that orap does that, but like you, everytime i ut it off, my tick ome back

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    Default Anyone noticed weight gain with Orap?

    Hi Teenwithtics!

    Welcome to the TS Forum and thanks for posting an interesting question. Based on the product monograph of Orap (pimozide) the side effect of weight gain is unclear. In fact the product monograph of sertraline (Zoloft) reports a small percentage of patients report weight loss.

    This is not to say your weight gain is not related to your medication, and you should discuss your concern with your physician.

    The manufacturer of Orap does warn about drinking grapefruit juice or eating grapefruit while taking Orap. This is a problem with several medications as grapefruit tends to increase the concentration of the medication in your system.

    You may want to discuss your medications with a specialist and make sure the specialist is told that you are taking sertraline along with pimozide and the dosages of each, along with any other meds you may be taking.

    This would be the wise and prudent course to follow concerning your legitimate concerns about weight changes and your medications.

    Are you being treated by a specialist now or by your family physician?

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    Default Anyone noticed weight gain with Orap?

    i am being treated currently by a specialist that i see about once or twice a year

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    Default Anyone noticed weight gain with Orap?

    >>>I am being treated currently by a specialist that i see about once or twice a year<<

    Great! Have you discussed the weight gain issue with your specialist? If you have concerns about a particular problem after your doctor prescribes medication, the doctor expects you to call back and to report the problem. It's the only way you can find out if the problem is related to your meds.

    Doctors are used to getting calls from their patients with concerns about side effects, so arrange with your parents or whoever is working with you to contact the doctor.

    Waiting 6 to 12 months is too long to endure side effects from a medication, if indeed your problem is medication related.

    Please keep us informed of your progress and the outcome of your inquiry.

    Your input will be helpful to others who may be experiencing the same problem.

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    Default Weight gain

    I've noticed weight gain can be an issue for a number of medications out there. This can be hard to deal with long term.

    I think the first response is natural to try to curb your dose or frequency to help but never a good one.
    I am gilty of this first hand. If telling your Doctor does not help much, then ask him for assistance to change your intake and balance out your daily habits.

    My Doctor understood but the main factor was that my medication was working and this was mostly what he was interested in. Sometimes there are no other medications to try in this case. They all seem to have one reaction or another.

    So I pushed to get some help to avoid more medical problems with my weight gain and told them I wanted to feel good about myself and enjoy life. It worked, but I went through my family Doctor for the help.

    These steps can teach you what and when to eat and most importantly how much. Its only natural to get the fast food fix even around the house when you always seem hungry, but if you eat the right foods and snacks you never get hungry and sleep better. Most importantly, you burn off what you eat, so you do not gain loads of weight and get depressed.

    Ask for some help and push them to assist you. It works and you will feel much better about yourself and life after you see people really do care.

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    Default weight and appetite

    You asked if anyone has noticed weight or appetite gain on either orap or sertraline.I have a book by H. Winter Griffith,M.D. called the Complete Guide to Prescription and Nonprescription Drugs and it says that sertraline (zoloft) can increase appetite.
    The two worst foods for weight gain are wheat and potatos. Imagine junk food without these two, its almost impossible. We all need some comfort food especially us with ts. When u want some carbs-grains try rice or oats instead. Sounds too exciting? Like anything it depends on how u make it. I used to love oats with carob and pineapple or rice with lots of tamari and flax but I have a bit of a sensitvity to grains and need to stick to a lot of fruits and protein which makes me really thin. Granola or high protein meal replacement bars can be really good too.
    Well best of luck


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    Default Anyone noticed weight gain with Orap?


    When reading about side effects of medications, in this case, increased appetite, look for the incidence of the particular side effect, as reported in the manufacturer's product monograph.

    This is the way your physician would determine whether or not the benefits of the particular medication outweigh the inconvenience of given side effects.

    For example is a particular side effect occurs in 3% of people, then it's not considered troublesome, but if 75% of people, then the therapeutic benefits would really have to be substantial to overcome the occurrence of the side effect.

    Also, some side effects disappear with time, as the body becomes acclimated to the medication.

    Therefore simply stating a particular medication causes a particular side effect, without referring to the frequency it occurs can be misleading.

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    Default percentage of side effects?

    I agree that you should know the incidence of side effects but if it is already happening to a certain indivdual then it doesnt matter to them if it occurs rarely or not. If a certain med is causing u an unwanted side effect and someone tells u that med can cause that side effect, without knowing or stating the percentage of incidence of that side effect, I dont think its misleading.

    The only time I remember knowing about med side effects from a prescrip was when there was a sticker on the bottle that said may cause drowsiness. My dr's, I dont recall talking about side effects let alone percentages.

    The med establishment only have an idea of what the side effects r from a drug based on what researchers claim after testing that drug on a small scale say a few hundred to a few thousand people over a few years at most. This drug is then given to a large pop often tens of thousands to millions. When these patients complain of side effects docs r not required to do anything with this info. They dont report or record it in a database. The government say they want to change this but its the med estab that doesnt want too saying it would take too much time and work. I know one man in the news recently who is also trying to change the way docs report side effects after his daughter died.

    Pharmaceutacal co's in Canada and around the world have been found guilty in courts of misleading and holding back info on the research they have submitted to Health Canada to get drugs approved. Many times they have been fined for this but fines can be less than profits already made.
    Drugs r constantly being recalled off the market. Why? cuz the research was incomplete, the side effects where not totally known, we're putting new and relatively unknown chemical compounds in our bodies and people either got seriosly ill or died from the med.

    Many TSers are on meds and some r havin serious side effects I know that I did and again, I never remember a doc talkin to me about side effects. I have a prescription for medical cannabis which helps me to deal with intense coprolalia and anger with minimal side effects over a long term, over twenty years. Anyways this isnt a promo for med pot it is really just my opinion of presc drugs and the best way to not be mislead is to fully research any drug that has been prescribed to u and to even say to your doc that u would like to try something else if u feel that that med isnt rite for u.

    I really wish the best to all in their endevors to treat their ts which has proven to be an extremely difficult task for all.

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    Default Anyone noticed weight gain with Orap?


    I won't be the person to defend the pharmaceutical industry; but I will say we cannot indict the entire industry because of the transgressions of a few.

    As you correctly state, not all physicians discuss medications thoroughly with patients when giving a prescription. I don't believe its because they are trying to hide anything, but more because they are overloaded with work and sometimes take shortcuts.

    When seeing one's physician, as have suggested elsewhere on the Forum, it helps to be prepared with questions that have been written out beforehand, because it's easy to forget during a visit.

    If the doctor gives a prescription, be ready with the following questions:

    How do I take the drug?

    What can I expect in the way of possible side effects?

    Are there any interactions with the following medications (both prescribed and over the counter, as well as supplements, herbals etc) that are taken.

    What should I do if I experience side effects?

    Those questions should cover the information one needs to know and should reduce the chance for any surprises, plus provide a plan in the event of problems.

    No medication, whether prescription or over the counter is completely side effect free. The body is an ongoing chemical reaction and a medication alters some part of that chemistry.

    You are quite right that when a particular adverse reaction happens to you then it represents 100% to you. My point about the frequency of side effects was that one should not discard the idea of taking a medication just because it contains a list of side effects.

    Your input is appreciated!

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