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Thread: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

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    Default Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

    Any have any experience with CBT for Tourettes?

    Any success with CBT for tics?
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    This website may help you or anyone else that reads this message.

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    Default CBT for lil girl: progressive relaxation & externalizati

    My daughter has been receiving CBT for about 10 weeks now. She has learned all about progressive relaxation. She is only 7 but can go through her whole body and relax each part. They have also shown her how to do it quickly in case she needs to get to the relaxed state in a hurry. The idea is that through repetition she trains herself to relax by going through it slowly many many times. Then her body will "remember" the state when she acitivates the relaxation sequence again (even if it is faster.) Amazing stuff. It was presented to her is such an age-appropriate, fun way too. She is to "scrunch up her shoulders and pull in her head like a frightened little turtle, then count to three and pop it out!" She goes through her whole body and face this way: with fun little exercises she likes. In addition she is learning to externalize her tics. She calls him "Jeremy the Germy Tic" and is starting to chase him away if he bothers her too much. At the same time she has this training, her dad and I receive parenting support by another psychologist. It has been very useful and supportive. We are learning how to coach her through the techniques. Also, we are learning how to cope!

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    Default CBT for Tourette Syndrome


    Thank you for sharing this experience with us.
    This is great news and it's wonderful to hear they have applied this at such a young age.
    Being different is special.

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    Default Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

    I haven't heard of CBT being really successful for reducing tics though I hear it's GREAT for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder... you say she named one 'Jeremy the Germy tic' ... is this actually focusing more on OCD stuff??

    Glad to read that she's having fun with it!! :D

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    Default Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

    You are right. At this point the CBT is not reducing her tics. At 7 years of age the hope is that by externalizing the tics she can keep her self esteem high. The goal (over the years) is to train her to have enough self control to recognize in which situations it is safe and appropriate to tic, and in which situations she could excuse herself to tic in private, or to have enough control to wait until she gets home to let her tics out. As a little girl in grade three it may mean that she begins to recognize when tics are starting and reacts in a way that is good for her. ie: takes the attendance down to the office for a little break from the classroom. Of course her teacher will have to be on board!! The psychologist has promised to go and work with the teacher and admin at the school. Her psychiatrist also said she would help with the school too. She will also learn how to handle social situations: "why is she doing that with her face?" The hope is that with the therapy she will have confidence to respond calmly and with dignity. Meds can't teach her that![/i]

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    Default Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

    Hi There

    Once once you make contact with your local chapter you may find they have a local in-service provider who can gointo the school and educate the staff and or have a session with the kids. Remember @ 7-8 years old it is the best time to in-service them because kids are all accepting at this age. Once they hit 12-13 yearsolds it is not so easy to get your child with TS to agree to in-servicing their peers... food for thought.

    I have read thru you new postes and it seems you are really on top of it all... goodluck and happy advocating! :D
    Janet, mom of 4

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    Default Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

    At this point the CBT is not reducing her tics. At 7 years of age the hope is that by externalizing the tics she can keep her self esteem high.
    Oh, OK.. I get it. That sounds great!!!! :D

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    Default Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

    I'm going to be evaluated for some kind of cognitive psychotherapy soon... although it's more for obsessive-compulsive disorder than for tourette's. Still, I'm finding that reducing anxiety and OCD symptoms does help my TS, when I'm able to do it.

    It'll probably be a little strange though. I'm not very good at following directions or mental discipline, and at 21, I don't know how much I can change my cognitive behavior. :?

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