1. Click on the forum where you want to post your message. For example, if you are posting a question to other parents, click on the Parents forum.

2. If you are posting a new topic (ie. not a response to a current posting), click on the new topic button. The button is located below the name of the forum. The post a new topic page appears.

If you are responding to a topic that is already posted, click on the Post Reply button.

3. Enter a subject line. The text you enter here appears as the title of the posting.

4. Enter you message in the Message body. This is the large text box on the page.

5. After you have entered the text, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page. Once you click on Submit, you message will be posted in the forum you selected in step 3. It may take a few minutes for the message to show up in the list of topics.