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Thread: Mother to be with questions...

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    Default Mother to be with questions...

    I'm expecting my first in November, so I figured I should start asking questions now. I have TS and a ton of associated disorders myself, and we've traced it back 6 generations in my family, so I believe my chances are high of making another one. I had an ultrasound the other day and the technician had to show me the baby on the screen because it was throwing it's head backwards violently (which looked a lot like my brother's neck tic). I was wondering if any other women had overly active babies inside of them. I have been having constant pain from the overzealous movements and am not getting very much sleep, is this normal for a baby? ANy advice is appreciated!

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    Default Mother to be with questions...

    Congratulations on the new baby. There is a brief description of the the genetics of TS on the TSFC Q&A site HERE

    It's the seventh topic down the list.

    Additional info can be found by performing a Google Search for "Tourette Genetics" though some of the genetic data is extremely technical and would require interpretation by a medical professional.

    Have you considered asking for a genetic consultation to investigate your family genetic history?

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    Default Active Baby


    First let me wish you the best on your little bundle of joy. Then let me say, that having a active fetus does not necessarily support problems.
    I have a son that is considered to have TS but he was not the active one in the bunch.

    My daughter would not stay still, rolling and getting stuck under my rib cage. I use to push her down as I sat up and she always found that sweet spot to put her foot and push. I felt bruised and sore most of the time. Walking helped at night for me sometimes. Mine never stayed still for an ultra sound. She would bounce from one side to the other and just when she was lined up for a pic, she'd shoot off the screen.

    I would recommend you review your diet and intake of coffee, tea or pop products as well as sugars that may be keeping you up at night. I restricted mine and at times it helped. Talk to your Doctor and express your concerns. It will help you feel better and someone may be able to recommend calming positions for you to sleep or rest that may motivate the little one to slow down. I used classical music with head phones in the evening.

    Steve gave you some good advice on research. Speak to your Doctor about your concerns and you will find a website in the U.S.A. on TS that will offer some support.

    I wish you the best and let me assure you, my daughter is very healthly and currently planning which University to attend. Now those pains for me have changed but are still real.

    I regret I did not see your posting earlier. I hope this helps.

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