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    Hi there my name is Scott I have tourettes with coprolalia, OCD, ADHD and a few other things but whos counting. I came from Victoria BC and live in Montr?al close to my eight yr old son. Unfortunately I didnt know that I had tourettes before my son was born. I've always had this major problem that I kept a secret cuz it seemed to crazy to talk to anyone about. Even though it is really bad I was able to keep it somewhat under control with cannabis so no one would see the symptoms. I'm really worried that my son will develop tourettes as he seems to be showing some signs of it.
    Besides my father I've never met or even talked with someone who has tourettes. I was diagnosed 6 yrs ago. I would really like to meet and chat with others who not only have tourettes but also have similar interests.

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    Default hello

    Hi Scott!

    Welcome to the TSFC Forum! Glad you joined us and for sharing your story. It's not unusual for adults like us to have gone through most of our lives hiding our deep dark secrets, because we did not know what we had.

    Glad to hear you feel comfortable with your TS that you are willing to share your experience.

    Montreal has a dedicated core of support in the Montreal Chapter of TSFC.

    There you may meet others with similar interests and certainly other people with TS. They meet regularly at St. Mary's Hospital.

    Click HERE for the list of TSFC affiliates, and call the number listed for the Montreal Chapter. Speak to Ros, tell her you were referred by the TSFC Forum, and she will give you the info on the next meeting in June, I believe.

    Let us know how you make out with your inquiry. In the meantime, we hope you make the TS Forum a regular stop on your online activites.


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