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Thread: I hate public transit.

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    Default I hate public transit.

    The ecological benefits of public transit are wonderful, and I'm sure we're all better off for having it, but I really hate public transit.

    Tics aside, I have a hard time dealing with crowded busses, or the lack of control over your own enviornment: temperature, smells, proximity to other people, etc. In general, it's not a great scene.

    Lately, though, my TS has made taking the bus an even less enjoyable experience. In my office, I have the opportunity to explain my situation to those I work closely with - or to leave my desk briefly to find a quiet area when supression isn't working. I don't love going through my series of tics in public but in most cases, anyone who sees me isn't going to see me for much longer.

    But I have an hour-long commute on the bus. More often than not, most of that trip is standing, because the bus is nearly full by the time I get on. Now that's the kind of situation that makes me particularly anxious.

    As you know, anxiety can worsen tics. And tics in public, especially when you're with complete strangers that you're now locked into spending the next hour with, aren't always the best.

    Does anyone else have similar problems with public transit? Any suggestions on getting around it?

    I can't afford a car at the moment, but I am looking into moving closer to work.

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    Default public transit

    Hi Cailean
    I know what u mean by public transit. I prefer walking or takin my bike. Have u thought about ride share or car pooling? If theres a bb in the building where u work try posting a message that youre lookin for a ride.

    Best o luck

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    Default I hate public transit.

    There's no BB or anything like that. I get rides from some of my co-workers every now and then, but most of them don't live as far as I do so it can't happen that often. I can't really participate in a car pool since I'll always be a passenger - I don't own a car.

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    Default I hate public transit.


    Have you discussed your anxiety about being in a crowd with your physician? Though it may be just your reaction to the discomfort the public transportation system in your town, it may also be symptoms of agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder associated with being out in crowded places. The condition is often easily treated by a competent mental health professional.

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    Default I hate public transit.


    I was just wondering if perhaps if you discussed your discomfort with crowds etc with someone at work you could tap into Scott's idea but instead of a "car pool" then perhaps you could offer to compensate the person with helping pay for the gas. You may offer someone a "win,win" situation especially with the increased cost of gas these days.
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    Default I hate public transit.

    My tics are usually at olmost none on the subway I think it might be related to being underground. could this be true?

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