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Thread: Dealing with Stress

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    Default Dealing with Stress


    I remember hearing that a person with TS has a higher baseline anxiety than a non-TS person with normal stress levels.

    Stress is said to be additive, so if someone is facing a test at school, has to attend a special event, and happens to be moving all at the same time, the stress of each activity adds to the other.

    If a person with TS already has an elevated stress level to start, each added activity might bring their total stress level very high.

    Would be interesting to hear further comments on this idea.

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    Default Dealing with Stress


    I have no medical proof of that but from a personall experience that makes total sense. I do know I get bad anxiety and stress from the "stupidest" things. (stupidest meaning things that a normal person wouldnt be stressed or worried from). I think I will ask my nuerologist about the stress too. I have talked alot about it with her before but never about TS patients having a higher level.
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    Default stress anyone?

    Ive heard or read before that TSerz have a lower tolerance to stress than the average pop. One of my biggest problems is my reaction to stress and my inability to deal with it. Often just a little bit of stress, even things that wouldnt normally bother me can set me off into a fury of rage and cursing. This is when I smoke some marijuana and it stops both the anger and the cursing. I wish that I could deal with it myself but it (the ts) just comes on so suddenly and too strong :shock: . If there was something else I could take that works as well and as fast I would.

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    Default Dealing with Stress

    It's interesting how everyone including "normies" handle stress so differently. I strive off stress...I guess that is why I procrastinate and then in the final hours I'll take action and get it done! Just in time!

    From the homefront, the stress levels in my house with my boyz this time of year is high. From the boyz not able to focuse and wanting to be outside not inside getting homework done or studying for exams, to me almost pulling my hair out trying to "make" them do it! Like I can do that...Not!! Then on the flip side the stress is also positive stress like we often see around the Holidays when they just can't wait for Santa and now it's, they just can't wait for school to let out.

    This is very common with our TS kids and many of the Moms in our local chapter share similar stories. We just need to remember, we will survive... we always do and it will soon be over... the count down is on as we are marking off the calendar.
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    Default Dealing with Stress


    Have you ever consulted a health professional specializing in mood or behavioural disorders? There aremany Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Social Workers with experience with TS who can help.

    You may find it does not require heavy duty therapy, and if stress is the culprit in your life, there are strategies that can be learned to control it.

    Sometimes mild medications might be prescribed as an adjunct, which might be a lot more benign than the substance you now use.

    One resource in Montreal is the Behavioural Modification Clinic at the Montreal General Hospital where I know several people with TS have been helped with dealing with stress and rage reactions.

    Anyone desiring to investigate Behavioural Modification should tell them at the outset they need help because of TS, to be pointed to a therapist with expertise in this area.

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    Default Dealing with Stress

    Thanx Steve
    Believe it or not when I was 32 in 1999 I went to get some help for my smooking, for some reason,I think the drug councellor recommended it, I was sent to see a psychiatrist. For the first time in my life I told someone about my cursing, he asked me a few more :?: 's and gave me my TS diagnosis right on the spot. So there I was trying to get help for my excessive cannabis consumption, the very thing that has helped me so much with my TS, and it led to my diagnosis. Dont get me wrong the marijuana has helped me wonderfully but there r times when I fall into a major depression and end up smookin all the time. All drugs have the potential for abuse even prescribed ones. I would rather abuse mj than most other substances but I would mostly want to not abuse anything at all.

    I really believe in therapy especially cognitive therpy but whenever I tell my docs that this is what I want they just seem to focus on the fact I dont want pills. My experiences on pharmaceuticals, 20 yrs ago, was so bad I havent even really considered meds since, but I like to stay open minded.

    I also think that meditation is the key exercise and the best for stress for everyone TS or not. I had great experiences with meditation 10 yrs ago but its something that u have to really commit to and Im havin a hard time gettin back into it (I mistakenly stopped when we first moved to Montr?al for my sons birth). I saw a show on emotions on CBC and scientists were studying brain electrical activity in the brains of those who meditate. In the area of the brain that contols happiness they found much more activity in the meditators than in the controls. When they studied the same activity in Buddhist monks who had been meditating for decades they said their brain activity in that area of the brain was off the chart. I'm not saying meditation is any kind of cure but I believe it sure can help,

    Right now Im seeing docs at the Hotel Dieu Hospital but I'll mention the Behaviour Mod Clinic at the Gen during my next appointment.

    Ciao for now

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    Default Dealing with Stress

    Wow. Meditation. Sounds like such a foreign concept for those of us with an ADD or ADHD component.

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    Default Dealing with Stress

    Yeah really, just to sit down quietly and focus on breathing is something that almost seems to be not a part of my nature. :?

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