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Thread: Are you set for summer?

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    Default Are you set for summer?

    Summer holidays are starting and many of our kids are finding the change in routine, or the lack of structure in the summer hard to deal with.

    Do you impose a routine for your kids over the summer?

    What activities have you involved your child in that worked out well (or didn't work out well)?
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    Default Are you set for summer?


    This is a great question. I'ld be interested in knowing what parents do too.

    In the past I have tried 2 different routes.
    When all 4 boyz were needing childcare we had tried daycare and that worked but we first tried having someone at home(a nanny) with them and it was too challenging for her mostly because of having three different ages groups.

    This year Ryan is 13 and obviously childcare is not an option. So the younger 3 are going to daycare for the structured activities and the routine (just 3 days a week) but I'ld like to know what parents do to keep their teens entertained for the summer. To date when we are not here, he's been sleeping till 1 or 2 pm... then the day is gone.

    Looking forward to the sharing of experiences.
    Janet, mom of 4

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