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Thread: Who do you see for TS?

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    Default Who do you see for TS?

    What kind of medical person does one see for help with Tourette Syndrome? Is it only doctors?

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    Default Who do you see for TS?

    Welcome Nehpets

    It's great to have you join our bulletin board. Most people start withseeing their family doctor and then are referred onward.

    Have you seen anyone yet? Who do you suspect has TS?
    Janet, mom of 4

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    Default Who do you see for TS?

    Usually you'll be referred to a psychiatrist or a neurologist who specializes in Tourette's and/or similar conditions.

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    Default Who do you see for TS?

    Because TS is a neurological disorder that affects behaviour, usually a neurologist specializing in movement disorders or psychiatrist with an interest in TS would be the authorities.

    That being said, there are many family physicians, pediatricians and psychologists with good experience with TS.

    Because TS cannot be diagnosed with a blood test or any other diagnostic test, the person suspected of having TS should be seen by a health professional with training in the disorder.

    Not all physicians have a professional interest in TS, so check with a local TS affiliate to point you toward recognized local resources.


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