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Thread: Sleep issues due to internal clock

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    Default Sleep issues due to internal clock

    It is quite common to hear that people with TS have trouble getting to sleep at night. It seems that some TS people have trouble with their natural internal clock not kicking in when the sun starts to set to tell the brain it's time for sleep now. There has been evidence that taking melatonin, a natural ingredient that our bodies produce, before bedtime will help with that "getting to sleep" issue, just like it does for pilots experiencing jet lag.

    Here is a site to help you explore it further.
    Melatonin Info Here

    What has been your experience with using melatonin? Do you know anyone who uses it to help them settle at night?
    Janet, mom of 4

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    Default Re: Sleep issues due to internal clock

    I haven't been diagnosed with it, but I'm fairly certain I have what's known as delayed sleep phase syndrome which is a sleep disorder that affects your internal clock. I joke around saying I'm nocturnal because I'm only able to fall asleep in the early morning and I sleep most of the day and I'm active at night. This melatonin looks like it could be pretty useful, so I think I'll check it out.

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    Default Re: Sleep issues due to internal clock

    Hi Enigma,

    I use melatonin when I travel to help my sleep schedule re-establish itself to a new time zone.
    However, melatonin is not a sleep drug.
    It's not for long-term use, it's only to help you settle in to a new sleep schedule.

    I found this information on this site from the National Sleep Foundation:
    People with Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS) are only able to fall asleep late into the night or early in the morning. Although rare in adults, the syndrome is quite common among adolescents. Several studies suggest that melatonin may be of help for this condition. However, exposing yourself to light when you want to be awake may be just as helpful.
    This site might give you some more information about using it:
    How to Use Melatonin Correctly

    I hope you get some sleep
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    Default Re: Sleep issues due to internal clock

    Thanks for the tip. My therapist did say that it's possible for me to reverse my internal clock and get it back on the right schedule. I've read a few different things I can do about this that seem like they might work.

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