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Thread: Severity of Tourette?

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    Default Severity of Tourette?

    How is the severity of Tourette measured? Is it by the number of tics, or tics plus associated disorders, or by the inability to suppress tics at will?

    Why are some people described as mild and others severe?


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    Default Severity of Tourette?

    I believe that the severity of tics is mainly based on the persons ability to control his/her tics and the number of tics associted at one time. I myself was diagnosed with a mild case (although I think its a little more strong than mild) due to the fact that my tics were controlable to a point and there were not too many at the time. Now, as I have grwon up, they have increased in number and the complexity but I have met a few people with "ful blown tourettes" and I will say I do have a milder case than some. But I dont know if there is a medical scale or if its up the each dotors own opinion on which case is more servre.
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    Default Severity of Tourette?

    I am considered mild, even though I have about 45 tics at a time, many of which I can't control. But the reason it's considered mild is, that most of them aren't so obvious (other than the eye blinking) that people notice, and they aren't bad enough to injure me (most of the time) or to stop me from doing what I want to do (other than keeping me awake at night at times).

    There are people who have such severe tics (like head throwing), that they have broken vertebrae! Others are in such constant movement, that they are incapable of doing anything, including walking. They may not have as many tics as I do, but the ones they have are an awful lot worse than mine.
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