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Thread: Cognitive Therapy for ADHD

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    Default Cognitive Therapy for ADHD

    Parents of children diagnosed with ADHD may want to consider their options for treatment.

    One medical option might be:

    Cognitive therapy as an alternative to ADHD drugs

    Visit the following article for information:

    Scientific American: Training the Brain ( BEHAVIOR ) ]

    Then share your opinion with us.

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    Default Cognitive Therapy for ADHD

    The ability to tame symptoms via behavioral therapy and training suggests that many ADHD children may not need drugs. But both behavioral therapy and working memory training require diligence and patience from parents, teachers and therapists. That's not easy for a time-crunched society and far more laborious than popping a pill.
    This was a really good article and I wonder if as a parent with TS+ of kids with TS+, I have the executive functioning and patience to be able to follow through on this type of training on a consistent basis? If any of you with experiences in this area can tell me how you were successful in the follow through, I would love to hear about how you managed things.
    Janet, mom of 4

    TSFC Homepage

    "Intelligence is always increasing; accommodation allows your intelligence to do what it has always done." Cassie Green, Washington College

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