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Thread: hi there,newbie here

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    Default hi there,newbie here

    i am jo,i live in england,i have two boys and i am currently going through the diagnosis/treatment route
    i am 33 years old and have kept this secret as much as i could all my life,so i guess i am just "coming out" now
    have never met anyone else with TS but i really like talking to others about it on the NET
    just come across this site so thought i may as well join up here too,can never have too many people to talk to

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    Default hi there,newbie here

    Welcome to the TSFC Forum Jo!

    Thanks for joining us. The experience of discovering we have Tourette at a later age is a daunting challenge indeed. What has been the response of your family and friends?

    Have you considered joining a local support group or discuss your newly discovered diagnosis with a health professional having expertise in Tourette?

    The opportunity to ventilate and verbalize your feelings and concerns will go a long way in helping you adjust to your new found knowledge.

    We'll be looking forward to your participation here and to share your experience with others.

    In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to let us know .


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    Default hi there,newbie here

    thankyou steve
    so far i have not told anyone about the TS,apart from my husband and even then i waited until i had seen the neurologist,i told a little white lie and said i was going to see him about the migraines,
    i had already ordered an info pack from the TSA (UK)and gave it to him to read(which he didnt ) so i just put it back in the folder and put it away :roll:
    i would really like to help with the awareness aspect of TS,so many people know nothing about TS and some just think its about swearing,
    i think for me personally,the hardest part will be telling my family and friends,once i have got that out of the way i can get on with my life,right now i feel like i am in limbo really,just me knowing what i have and still pretending to everyone else ,it helps to talk to others on the net,but i do need to come out of the closet so to speak so i can bring the two together,being on the net and talking to others feels like a different part of my life at the moment
    i was so scared of a diagnosis and kept puttnig it off,i thought i would feel like a bomb had hit me but i dont feel like that at all,i feel relief at finally knowing i am not just some freak,i had convinced myself at one stage that i maybe putting it on and that i could help it,when i was young my mother just put it down to me being a "nervous" kid and that is what i had accepted,but now i know different,
    funny how my kids never ask why i have these funny tics,they just accept me as i am,
    anyway,im glad i joined and hope to get to know you all a bit better

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    Default hi there,newbie here

    Your experience and feelings parallel those of many of us who were diagnosed later in life.

    The toughest hurdle is explaining and and being validated by those closest to us. After that it becomes less difficult to talk about and to explain.

    You may wish to practice a prepared little presentation on what Tourette Syndrome is and how it affects you. This private rehearsal might make it easier to tell your story the first few times when you might be overwhelmed with anxiety.

    Your desire to help with awareness is the best possible result of your personal challenge. You will surely be a valuable asset to others in your community by helping with support.

    At this stage, use the resources provided here and elsewhere to acquaint yourself with Tourette and to become personally more comfortable with your new found knowledge.

    Have a look at THIS Message Thread which discusses adults diagnosed with TS.

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    Default hi there,newbie here

    thankyou for the link to the thread about adult diagnosis,it has been very helpful but also a little sad as i have encountered most of these feelings too
    and my family have reacted similarily to most.
    but at the end of the day these experiences can give you strength,i always try to stay positive........and most of all,have a laugh

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