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Thread: What is Dyscalculia?

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    Default What is Dyscalculia?

    Dyscalculia is a disorder related to many of the disorders discussed here on the Tourette Syndrome Forum.

    Dyscalculia is a term meaning "specific learning disability in mathematics." People who suffer with a poor memory for all things mathematical have many other symptoms and characteristics. Taken as a whole, these coexisting conditions comprise what this author terms "the dyscalculia syndrome."

    An organization specializing in dyscalculia is: which can be accessed by clicking here

    Included are a description of the disorder, support and treatment options.

    Also discussed are Dyslexia and Dysgraphia

    What experience have you had in dealing with any of these disorders?

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    Default What is Dyscalculia?

    Great. More TS+ disorders to add to the list. Has anyone suggested that folks with TS+ get any other disease just as often as non-Touretters? My feelings about having all these disorders piling up is outlined here in paragraph 4:


    I work with special education professionals, and dyslexia is just like arthritis - it is so large a concept as to be useless by itself. Dyscalculia sounds like math LD due to neurological impairment, and TS+ is only one of dozens of ways this can happen. Bipolar disorder (according to a friend of mine who had it) has similar academic problems to ADHD.

    Once again, let's separate (with a crowbar) the diagnosis & cause from the treatment of these problems. A good LD teacher can fix ADHD math problems - the tools I used to teach math to ADHD / OCD / LD kids worked because they work for everyone. We just need them more, and more often. <steps down from soapbox>
    Darin M. Bush, The Tourette Tiger, author of "Tiger Trails"


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