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Thread: Symptoms in a 5 year old

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    Default Symptoms in a 5 year old

    Hi, this is my first visit to the bulletin board in a long time and I note the format has changed. I posted some time back regarding my grandson and his diagnosis of Tourettes Syndrome. He's doing fine over the past year. He's learned to read and his tics have decreased. All in all we're satisfied that his progress is upwards and he's popular and reading seems to be the only weak area he has at 8 years old.
    He has a brother, who is now 5 and I'm concerned about some of his behaviours and hope someone can shed some light.
    He seems to be very aggressive. He cannot pass anyone without giving them a punch or a kick. He has a really bad temper, can't stand being told off about anything and yesterday hit his grandpa for telling him off.
    He hits his brother all the time, he hits me (nana) and his mom.
    He used to bite a lot, now he does it occassionally, still wears a diaper to bed and wants to be spoon fed. He demands constant attention, using a loud voice and interrupts all the time. He cannot wait his turn and I'm concerned he's also showing symptoms of Tourettes, but that his disposition will be more aggressive and combatative than his brother who is gentle and kind. Does anyone on the forum have a similar experience. At least we can be prepared and help him if we are forewarned. Thanks.

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    Default Symptoms in a 5 year old

    Welcome back to the Forum Bella! Glad you came back to see the changes. There are more improvements planned for the near future as well.

    We'll be looking for input from other Forum members who have had experience with siblings so close in age.

    Has the 5 year old been evaluated by a pediatrician or other health professional?

    It is presumed the 8 year old has had an official diagnosis by a physician with an interest in Tourette there a plan to have the same physician see the 5 year old?

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    Default Symptoms in a 5 year old

    Hi Bella

    I have 4 boys. The oldest is 13 and has Tourette Syndrome plus (OCD/ADHD) and my second oldest is 7 (he'll be 8 in Feb) and has recently been diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome plus...they get to thank their Mom for that

    Now my twin just turned 5 last week... guess what? They are being followed by our TS expert because as you described one of my 5 yr olds is very impulsive and is presenting with many of the TS+ symptoms. Both of my boys who are diagnosed were and are still very different from each other in personality and in how their TS presents. With my 5 yr old he is aggressive and without thought will hit, push, grab,etc. Scream when things don't go the way he thought they should. He can get frustrated some days very easily... the list goes on.

    When TS is in the family keep in mind that it is best to approach it from a very pro-active perspective. There is the increased probability TS will carry to boys vs girls. Steve asked if there was a plan to have the 5yr old seen by the doctor. If there is no plan I would suggest that be your family's next step. Many things that our little ones do, are things they will grow out of with maturity as you are aware, but there is no harm in having him followed.

    I am having both my 5 yr olds followed to "be prepared". I would suggest that you start journalling the behaviors that are alarming to you and track if they come and go ie duration. This history will certainly help with any questions you may be posed by the doctors later.

    Good Luck and I'm sure there are many others amongst our bb membership that have even more experiences to share.

    By the way I think it is great that as a Grandmother you have joined our bb because I was having a discussion with my dad only a few days ago explaining how the bb works and how he could go online and express how he feels to be a grandfather of kids with TS, etc. He seemed intrigued but not quite ready to explore the "cyber" world.

    I wonder how many other people amongst the ranks are grandparents ?
    Janet, mom of 4

    TSFC Homepage

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