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Thread: Throat clearing

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    Default Throat clearing

    I think this was my first tic, and was never recognized as a tic until last year when I was diagnosed. I have been clearing my throat all the time from the age of five I think. And I really feel like there is something in my throat. Of course, sometimes I REALLY need to clear it because I have to get mucus out, but I think most of the time that isn't so.
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    Default Throat clearing

    I have a similar problem, although it occurs less frequently than my other tics. I can't be 100% sure it is a tic... I might just have something wrong with my throat... but it seems to happen a little too frequently to be normal.

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    Default Throat clearing

    I just started an "old friend of mine" tic (meaning I had it a number of years ago), I will sorta cough and try to clear my throat at the some time which every once in a while sounds like a slight bark which is so enjoyful to have in a very public place! lol. But it is almost making my throat sore from doing it sooo much.
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    Default Question

    Has anyone ever tried hypnosis for vocal tics? My doctor suggested it but I am not into hypnosis and I was wondering if anyone tried it.

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    Default Throat clearing

    Well, personally, I would never try hypnosis. Because you pretty much allow somebody else to control your mind, and I wouldn't allow that. I think I will stick with my throat clearing (coughing, sniffing, etc.) instead. I'm used to it, and it rarely really bothers me.
    German citizen, married to a Canadian for 28 years, four daughters, one son, eight grandchildren (and one on the way).

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    Default Throat clearing

    Yeah, I think hypnosis is out for me.

    I doubt it would work for TS, though. Since it's really a neurological thing (rather than psychological), these kind of "mind over matter" techniques take quite a bit of time to adapt to. I could see hypnosis "pausing" tics for a short period, perhaps -- but I don't think it would last.

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    Default Throat clearing

    From personal experience, Ive figured that my tics can be reduced by adleast 50% when I do self hyponosis for 20 min. a day

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    Default Throat clearing

    I know this may sound crazy but when my "throat clearing" becomes overwhelming I sing... either out loud or to myself. For some reason it stops the process and I have relief for some time.

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    Default Throat clearing


    Good to see you back on the forum!

    What you described could be very helpful to another reader. It is great when you can find something that works to relieve the tic.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    I found with my son's case when he "chirps" or "hoots" getting him to laugh stops the process. I do this when it starts to appear the tic is raising his frustration level.

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    Default Throat clearing

    I don't know the reasoning behind "distracting" the tic, whether it be singing or laughing but I say... if it works, more power to you.
    Hang in there!

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