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Thread: cracking nuckles

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    Default cracking nuckles

    is this considered a tic , a habbit, or something else?
    i have been cracking my nuckles since i was a kid, at least 20 years,everyone says i should stop because i will get arthritis when i am older
    is this true?
    i cant stop doing it,and i do it in a certain way,from one end to the other on both hands and then back again and then i have to crack the joints near the top of each finger too
    anyone else do this and what are your opinions of it being a tic ?

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    Default cracking nuckles

    First off, I crack my knuckles too. No, it will not give you arthritis when you are older. The problem is most people dont know what is being cracked. Its not cartilage. that is what causes arthritis. Personally I dont think it is a tic but maybe someone could put forth their insight on it.
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    Default Cracking Knuckles - me too!

    Hey Jo.
    I have been doing this for almost 40 years.
    Yup, my parents told me the same thing.
    I think I may be a form of a tic.
    I have arthritis in my fingers now and I cannot crack them like I did because my fingers hurt. I must have done it 20 times a day, in a sequence much like you described.

    My dd also does this many times a day. She says she cannot stop.
    I understand completely. It is satisfying in some strange way. It gives a good feeling after I'm done. I stop now and do this as I am typing.
    I does get annoying for other people to listen to.

    Don't worry Jo. Just go with the flow, or try some cognitive behavior strategies if you want to stop. Change the habbit a little may help.

    Take care.
    Being different is special.

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    Default cracking nuckles

    thanks for your replies
    i read that it is basically the air in between the joints that *pop* when you crack your knuckles,i wondered if it were true,i have never had any problems with my fingers and have been doing this long enough now so if i was going to damage them at all i think it would have happened by now,how long can my family tell me that i will get arthritis when im older,..i am older !!

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    Default cracking nuckles

    I think part of the problem is that arthrirtis is actually alot more common than most think and actually so is cracking ones knuckles. Your right, it is just air bubbles in the joints which if you dont crack your knuckles, once the build up is too great, it will just naturally happen if you firmly grab something or fall on your hands. Yea, I crack mine a ton and if there was a major damage from it, it would already have set in. But Im sure doing it many many times a day as we do may not be very good for your fingers but its not as bad as some think it is. I have a fear of carpaltunnel(I know thats spelled horribly wrong!) but its only in my left hand and I crack both hands. But all of my TS tics only affect my left hand so it is mainly from the TS, not the cracking of knuckles.
    The other day at a local grocery store, I saw a rack with books on it and one of them said, "pregancy for dummies"............

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    Default cracking nuckles

    Hi, I'm 14 and not that long ago I cracked my fingers, toes, back (which feels really good) and head (neck) every day...but this wasnt a tick for me this was just a habit...I have been wrong about guessing whether its habit or tic but of this I am felt really if my fingers were really stiff and then when I cracked felt better...but most ppl around me felt :oops: (sick)...hehe oh well it kinda went away

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    Default cracking nuckles

    oh btw I asked my childrens doctor and he said it was safe for me to crack my knuckles...YAH but that is only one doctors oppinion...who knows what kind of damage it may due...oh well im safe for now :lol:

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    Default cracking nuckles

    I have also cracked my knuckles in a pattern for awhile going all the way up and down my hands and then doing the tops of my fingers too--I've even found a way to crack my thumbs. I also crack my neck constantly. I have also heard that it will not give you arthritis because it is actually just releasing little hydrogen bubbles that are caught (what I heard anyways). The weird thing about my finger cracking is that when I do it it doesn't bother me, but does the people around me. But when I hear other people do it, it grosses me out...not sure why this is...:?
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    Thank's for the insight I have been cracking my knuckles for a while now, and I don't have arthiritis.

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    Default Re: cracking nuckles

    Awesome thread. I cracked my knuclkes like crazy for years. I totally stopped, now. I crack other people's knuckles, though. Total tic. TS, OCD, whatever you want to label it. Just about an hr ago I was tryin to crack my girlfriend's knuckles and she stopped me after one finger. The urge to crack the rest of her knuckles was so strong, I had to force myself to think about something else. And I am still thinkng about it.
    I actually posted an entry to my blog on this very subject if anyone would care to read it. Comments are always read and appreciated.
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