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Thread: Sativex for tics?

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    Default Sativex for tics?

    I read that Canada has approved a prescription spray called Sativex, which is a natural THC product extracted from marijuana, for use by MS patients. Since I have also read accounts of people receiving relief from their tics by smoking marijuana, I am wondering if anyone has tried Sativex for their tics? In the US, there is a oral prescription product called Marinol, which is a synthetic form of THC prescribed for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Some TS sufferers have tried it, but the results were not what was hoped for.

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    Default Sativex for tics?

    Hi monicafaye

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    You ask a good question. I'ld be interested to see what members of our forum have to share around this topic. For those of you who would like to read about Sativex and it's release date then check this location Health Discovery

    Hope you'll stay connected with us because we have many great people here and a lot of resources to share.
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    Default Sativex for tics?

    Health Canada has issued a conditional marketing authorisation under the Notice of Compliance with Conditions (NOC/c) policy for SATIVEX?, a cannabis based medicine, as adjunctive treatment for the symptomatic relief of neuropathic pain in patients with multiple sclerosis in adults.

    More information on the Health Canada authorization HERE

    For medical enquiries regarding SATIVEX?, please contact the medical information department of GW Pharma Ltd's marketing partner in Canada, Bayer Inc at: 1-800-265-7382

    If you are aware of any clinical trials being considered with this medication for Tourette, please let us know.

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