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Thread: Dear Community

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    Default Dear Community

    This letter was submitted to Dear Annie on and it was addressed as follows:

    Dear Community: This letter is to ask for your understanding and your patience. My son has Tourette syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes unusual and repetitive movements and noises. There is no cure, and medication is limited in its effectiveness. My son is no different from any other child his age, except for his inability to control his motor and vocal tics.

    We enjoy going to the same places as you, but it can be extremely hurtful when people stare at us, give harsh looks and assume that my child is a behavior problem. He does not mean to disturb you, and he would stop if he could. You may see me smile or put my arm around my son when he does these things. I am sending you a silent message, that my son is not being intentionally disruptive.

    My son will be starting school soon. Please talk to your children, read them this letter, and help them to have some compassion for my son's plight. Thank you for reading this and for changing how you view my child.
    A Grateful Mother
    How do you deal with the community you live in? Do you explain to people looking at your child that your child has Tourette Syndrome? Do you have body language you use to send a "silent" message as this mom does?
    Janet, mom of 4

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    Default Dear Community

    hello the way i deal with my community is by telling them what we have and trying to explaine over and over what ts is . but i get so frustrated with people that are ignorante. because i feel that ihave to validate our ts sometimes i really push and burn myself out that i have to take a or 2 off work. and i'm so fedup with people saying oh see that boy his mother didn't raise him right or oh his parents must of let do what he please's when he was young. now i try to tell myself that people who don't know what ts is and don't live with ts have no idea what its like so i try not to let it bother me but its very hard some days its good and some days i just fly off the handle. see i live in a very small place and everybody know's everybody so when i go to the only restaurant in my little town i try to talk about it their so this way i can get trought to more people that way cause a little town thats all they like to do is talk about everybody so i try to take it in a positive way. hey why not :lol:

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    Default Dear Community


    Welcome to the TSFC Forum! It's great that you are taking the initiative to raise awareness about Tourette in your town.

    You may wish to get a few of the Question and Answer brochures available in English and French from the TSFC National office.

    These could be useful in explaining the disorder to people who are interested.

    As you probably know there will be the National meeting of the TSFC in Montreal in October 2005!

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