Animal Therapy has been making more children and youth with depression, emotional disorders, Bi-Polar Disorders, Tourette syndrome, Mental Health issues and Retardation, Behavioral Disorders, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Disorders and the terminally ill have the ability to express themselves, gain patience, begin relationships, deal with change and many other wonderful abilities their parents never thought could happen.

This report is about horses; it is thought horses have an instinct to calm and respond to children and youth with disabilities. There are many therapy horses across the U.S. but there is one in Northeastern Pennsylvania that claims results with their programs. They are a Member Center of North American Riding for the Handicapped and serve ages 2-19. They hope to expand their programs to serve more children and have an adult program as well. are operated on an all-volunteer basis.

The Pocono Equestrian Center, a nonprofit organization was organized in 2003. The therapeutic riding programs are designed to provide children, youth and their families the opportunity to learn together while strengthening the family bond and relationship, to aid the children's mental, physical and emotional stability.

The Pocono Equestrian Center can be contacted at 570-348-9795 or

Are there other animal therapy centers in Canada and do they actually help?