When buying a chocolate bar, read a label is go from the bottom backwards, because that's where the artificial colors and flavors usually are.

Just as the sweets in the movie "Chocolat" were reputed to have restorative powers, pure chocolate is said to work wonders by followers of the Feingold diet.

The diet is named for Dr. Benjamin Feingold, a pediatrician and allergist who in 1973 proposed that certain artificial ingredients aggravate and even cause learning disorders and behavior problems in some people.

Many adherents are people seeking a non-drug treatment for attention deficit disorders. Some are simply taking an all-natural approach to nutrition.

There are people with ADD, ADHD, Tourette Syndrome and autism, who swear by Feingold.

Some Feingold adherents say they can smell artificial ingredients!

Preservative-free chocolate is one of the ways followers of the Feingold diet strive toward better health.

Have you ever tried the Feingold diet and do you find artificial ingredients or preservatives in food exacerbate your symptoms?