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Thread: what tics do you have

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    Default what tics do you have

    i was just wondering what kinds of tics other people have and if they can have fun with them like i sometimes do well.. if you could list yours it would be cool just to see what kinds of tics everyone has
    heres most of mine o yea by the way im 16 and i was diagnosed when i was 7 and i have ocd

    i have a tic that makes me honk

    one where i have to shoot out my arm and make my elbow click which can get very painfull after 9 years of it .. o well lol

    one basicaly the same as above except it is with my legs

    another where i stretch my neck out

    another where i have to kind of tap/bang on things .... broke my computer desk with this one

    one where i exhale forcfully .. its not helpfull when working out i can tell you that much lol

    another tic where i rub my nose and around my mouth

    yet another where i breath on my arm untill i can feel it ... believe me this is not fun when it is windy out .... takes forever to get over it lol

    one more where i have to stretch out the skin around my eye by pulling on my face .... its sooo anoying!

    and last but not least one where i rub two fingers together and flick my thumb with some of them

    well.. thats all of my tics that i can think of maybe later i will post some of the stuff my ocd makes me do

    i look forward to hearing from you ! :D

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    Default what tics do you have

    Welcome and thanks for joining in on our forum.

    I believe you will see there are several people here who will share their tic overviews with you. The "tics overview" has several sections to post your experience with different types of tics. Be sure to read through them and post whatever you want to share with this forum.

    I look forwrd to your participation as we continue to share all the tics members have experienced
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    Default what tics do you have

    Some of mine include

    Vocal tic (squeaking noise) that's most prevelant.


    Face hitting.

    Naval scratching.

    Palilalia (various)

    Shoulder shrugging (less frequent)

    Echolalia (occasional)


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