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Thread: Looking for a support group..

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    Default Looking for a support group..

    Hi my name is Bev and my son (age 8) has been diagnosed with TS. I am looking for a TS chapter in the Durham Region- in Ontario..does anyone know of one??/


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    Default Looking for a support group..

    Hi Bev!

    Welcome to the TSFC Forum. Are you close enough to the Toronto region to take advantage of the support offered there?

    Click Here for details

    Are there specific questions or issues you are interested in learning about?

    Look through the Discussion Sections of the Forum or perform a search for the keyword you might be looking for.

    If you don't find it, feel free to post your query and one of our Forum members or staff may be able to help or at least point you in the right direction.

    How old is your son? and was the diagnosis made by a specialist having expertise and training in Tourette Syndrome?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

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    Default Looking for a support group..

    Welcome Bev

    I'm glad you found us. This forum offers a tremendous amount of information and support. You will find many great people who will be eager to share their ideas and/or insight.

    Please make this a regular place to visit and we look forward to your participation
    Janet, mom of 4

    TSFC Homepage

    "Intelligence is always increasing; accommodation allows your intelligence to do what it has always done." Cassie Green, Washington College

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    Default Looking for a support group..

    Hi Bev!

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    Default Looking for a support group..

    Hi Bev, and welcome to this amazing place! I hope we can help you with some advice. But just being able to talk about problems can be a release and help.

    Steve, I believe Bev's son must be eight, because I've had the problem before that an 8 combined with a bracket turned (unexpectedly and annoyingly) into a smily face with sunglasses. If you don't preview it, you don't know.
    German citizen, married to a Canadian for 28 years, four daughters, one son, eight grandchildren (and one on the way).

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    Default Looking for a support group..

    Also, you can turn off Smilies in your Profile, so it don't do that.

    Next we'll be getting spam messages, "Tics happen."


    Bev, welcome. Good luck and our thoughts with you and your child.

    Please feel free to feel overwhelmed. It is a lot to feel, and a lot to find out about all at once. Some of us (thinking of myself here) don't know how to keep our traps shut. Don't forget, you can use the Private Message feature just by clicking on someone in a message. Uschi knows what she is talking about, and is very good at helping folks get into this without panicking. Me, I am what you call a "Subject Matter Expert" but I try to hug, too. Steve is our resident forum boss. He can help with technical stuff, like that Smiley problem. There are a lot of folks in here.
    Darin M. Bush, The Tourette Tiger, author of "Tiger Trails"

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