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Thread: tourettes and mental illness

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    Default tourettes and mental illness

    Hi everyone. We went from a diagnosis of Tourettes to a mental illness of schitzophrenia. Now the new doctor and psychiatrist says it is possibly both. All I want to know is has anyone with Tourettes or their children with Tourettes hear voices, they have the tics but also hear voices. My son is on Risperdal for the tics and it seems to be working but is also on Seroquel for the voices which isn't working. We are slowly increasing Seroquel every few days, 125 mg now. My son is 15 years old and this has all started exactly one year ago this month and still we have no proper diagnosis. I was on this board then jumped to schitzophrenia and now I am back. It is all confusing. So do any Tourettes members hear voices and mumble back to them. The mumbling is supposed to be a tic as well. Any info is greatly apreciated.
    Thanks Rose

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    Default tourettes and mental illness


    My son takes Seroquel for aggression.

    Chemical concerns have been considered but blood work and scans can identify most of them including your concern.

    My son does not have any chemical disorders but in the process I found with Doctors that there is a fine line between TS diagnosis and a diagnosis like your son has had. They once put him on Welbuterol for six months to see if he would respond to it. He was young and they said that if he was bipolar or schiz. that he would respond. He did not respond and they took him off of it.

    Is your son seeing a pediactric nerologist? They read scans much clearer then others we have found in our experience.

    Our son does not hear or answer back to voices, but the amount of information he can absorb and retain is limited without becoming overwhelmed. His forgetfulness (med's cause) stresses him even more and with an anxiety disorder that does not help the cause. I can find him repeating his thoughts to stay clear on the task at times.

    Have the voices gotten worse since your son has been on Seroquel?

    There are many concerns that could be causing the Doctor to aim in the direction he has if scans and blood work do not support his diagnosis. Ask questions and keep asking until you know that what you are being told is fact.

    It is easy for diagnosis to be questionable when you are the one living with them. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes makes all the difference. You can always ask for more tests or a second opinion. The U.S. TS sight offers an encyclopedia of medicines with reactions and side effects. Seroquel should be on the list. Check out Tourette's

    I wish you the best and hope you find the answers you need. Don't give up or doubt yourself by asking the questions.

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    Default tourettes and mental illness

    I have heard of people with TS hearing 'words in their heads.' One person explained it to me that the difference between this any 'hearing voices' is that the words are more like a tic that keeps repeating in the brain. The words can be a phrase, but they aren't a voice that is telling the person to do something.

    It does not seem to be a common tic. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    Default tourettes and mental illness

    These voices don't tell my son to do anything, justs more or less hey Glenn or Hi there.Our psychiatrist we see is from mental health and our ped neurologist is supposed to be reading his MRI and comparing it to the one he had done 5 years ago. Both of these dr say tourettes but it is unusual for the auditory hallucinations. My son has a 24 hr EEG at St Michaels in Dec and we are waiting for info from Toronto Western TS clinic to see what they say about the voices. We just increased the seroquel to 175 mg today, this is for the voices. However today he was suspended from school, Grade 11 for stealing a cookie. He said he was still hungry. This is absolutely unusual behaviour for him. He is starting to put on a few pounds and I know weight gain is a side effect for seroquel and Risperdal. Is is posssible to have sz and ts at the same time? Thanks to all the replies.

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    Default tourettes and mental illness

    I have mental tics which include certain words or phrases repeated like a 'voice'... and I often feel the need to repeat them verbally (the latter part is palillalia).

    I also have the intrusive images/thoughts that come with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

    While all of these symptoms exist in a spectrum, most people fall on only one side of a certain wall: on one side is TS and OCD which involve tics, mostly, including mental tics (voices, images) as well as the more obvious forms of TS. In these cases, the rational mind of the sufferer persists.; on the other side is schizophrenia, where tics may also exist, but rationality may also be compromised, or hallucinations/delerium may set in at times. It's different for everyone, though, and it's important to try and approach these problems with a calm, open mind.

    Schizophrenia often includes TS, or TS-like symptoms. The cause, though, may be slightly different than cases of TS which do not mix with schizophrenia.

    When you say 'voices' or auditory hallucinations - does your son feel that they're thoughts or within his head, or do they actually sound as though someone were standing near them and speaking (and the perception feels as though it comes from the ears)?

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    Default tourettes and mental illness

    I am also one of those people with TS who "hear words in their heads". I feel the need to repeat a phrase over and over again, and out loud sometimes too, and so I will say it softly under my breath. However, I have never felt like anyone was talking to me, and am always aware that it is myself speaking in my head.

    I'm sorry, I'm sure that didn't help at all, it was just in reply to what Admin1 asked.
    ~be a miracle~

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    Default tourettes and mental illness

    Sorry to get back to your responses so late. Yes PJK my son is seeing a ped neurologist. She mentioned about getting my son to the clinic at Western. He is not as bad as some of her tourette patients, she said. He is up to 225 mg of seroquel at night and 25 mg in the morning, just started this. No change with the voices. His sleep EEG did show auditory and visual hallucinations. The 24 hr. EEG in Dec I hope will show something, seizures whatever to make sure we are on the right track.
    Yes Admin1,they aren't a voice that is telling my son to do something. Just Hey or What's up. However he does mumble back a few words that I sometimes can't understand.
    Cailean, that was an interesting question abaout the thoughts within his head or someone standing near him and speaking as though it comes from the ears. I asked this specifically to my son. He said like someone whispering in his ears, not talking loud or yelling. I even told this to the psychiatrist this morning. Thankfully today he even did some of his "habits" and she saw and questioned him on it. But he still insists he hears just a word or 2. He even closed his eyes and moved his head and you could see his eyes moving behind his lids. I told her he ddoes this throughout the day. Steph, I feel he is repeating words he hears as well, but the voices do call him by name. and in a different voice than his own.
    Yes all of you have helped with interesting thoughts and questions and I have learned from them. I told dr that I don't think the seroquel is working. She said we may change to an anti-convulsive drug. One of the long term use of seroquel is eye sight changes. She is going to contact the tourette clinic and see if we can get in as an emergency consult before we do anything else. This psychiatrist says he is showing no psychosis, she is a little stumped. I don't know if this is good or not.
    Thank you all. I am using all info I can get.
    PJK you went through an amazing fight for your son. You are a good model for being an advocate for us to continually help our children.
    Thank You

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    Default tourettes and mental illness


    Thank you for saying that and I feel any parent with a child that has TS or multiple disorders has to fight for them to make sure they get the care they need and Doctors listen.

    The note about the sight concerns me, I've noticed since my son has returned that his sight is much worse then last year. They had him taking over 300 mg daily in the states, we only have 75mg daily normally.

    Most of the tests you mentioned our son has already been through. They can be very helpful in narrowing the diagnosis.

    Take care and please keep us posted...

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    Default Mental Illness

    I just posted information as a new member, but our son has had some form of mental illness for over five years. He had two similar episodes fifteen years ago, but with in patient treatment, came through those and got better. He has been hospitalized probably forty times in 5 1/2 years and diagnosed at various times as Bipolar, Schizoprenic and Schizoaffective. Medicines have included Haldol, Risperdal, Depakote, Neurontin, Atavan, and some I don't remember. About the time it seems one is working great, it stops working, as did Risperdal. Currently, Haldol is working great on the Tics and helping with the voices, but has a dulling affect on him and doesn not always solve the sleep problem. He has been hearing voices off and on for the entire 5 1/2 years.

    We continue to believe therapy would help but he has never cooperated as he sees no need for it.

    Being his guardian, his resentment is understandably high.

    I have very few answers but many questions.

    God Bless,

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    Default tourettes and mental illness


    Again hello and I am glad you found the parent forum.

    Have you pushed to see if you and your family can receive some counseling to provide some direction and behavioral health tips on managing your situation.

    I am sure it is difficult to get an adult son to agree to help, especially if he does not think there is anything wrong with him.

    Your experience can be considered common with some conditions and again I have lived this one too with a much older family member.

    What I am suggesting worked for us so that they got the help they needed and we did too.

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