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Hello, I am a PhD candidate at the University of Waterloo, studying family dynamics and sibling relationships in families with a child with Tourette Syndrome.

To conduct my research, I need the participation of at least one parent, and a sibling of a person with TS over the age of 10 ( the sibling should not have TS or any other physical or neurological condition). All the questionnaires are online, and all the information provided will remain confidential. The participation of the individual with TS is optional but welcome. Participating family members will each receive $20CDN provided that both a parent and an eligible sibling of the individual with TS complete the required questionnaires.

This study has been reviewed by, and received ethics clearance through, The Office of Research Ethics at the University of Waterloo. The participation of the families in this survey will not only contribute to the advancement of research on Tourette Syndrome, but also to our understanding of child development and family processes. Thanking you in advance.
Please visit the survey at : [size=18px]http://mrosslab1.uwaterloo.ca/ts/ [/size]

The study is also posted at the lower right side of the Tourette Syndrome Foundations of Canada's Website.

Truly Yours
Marjan Maleki