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Thread: Is Tourette's where I should be looking? Can someone help?

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    Default Is Tourette's where I should be looking? Can someone help?

    My 8 year old daughter has developed some tic like movements. She will flex her hands, once or twice at a time, almost like she has to stretch her fingers, or her skin is too tight. In addition, there are less frequent "yawning" or opening her mouth widely and quickly. These are pretty much daily behaviors, but have not been disruptive in any form yet.
    She is an energetic girl, doing extremely well in school. I have no concerns of ADD or ADHD. Has anyone else out there seen this? Should I take her to a doctor?? Anything??

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    Default Is Tourette's where I should be looking? Can someone help?

    My 8 year old daughter has developed some tic like movements

    Welcome to the TSFC bulletin board. No one can say if the behavior exhibited by your daughter is Tourette, without a proper medical evaluation by a competent health practitioner trained in diagnosing Tourette and who has a professional interest in the disorder.

    Because there is no diagnostic test for Tourette, the diagnosis is made through observation and interview.

    It's for that reason you need to qualify the physician whom you intend to consult, as not all physicians are adequately trained in being able to recognize and diagnose Tourette.

    It sounds like your daughter has not been seen by a physician to date who could offer an opinion.

    You may consider starting off seeing your daughters pediatrician, explaining your observations and concerns, and asking for a referral to a local Tourette Clinic if one is available, or a Neurologist or Psychiatrist with experience, training and and interest in Tourette.

    These are the specialties where one can generally find a physician who can diagnose Tourette, and if a Psychiatrist is chosen, don't be intimidated or concerned, it's just that often Psychiatrists have an interest in the disorder.

    That being said, arm yourself with as much information as you can about the disorder so you can have a meaningful dialog with the physicians you consult.

    Look through our Bulletin Board for topics that will provide insights including this posting on What is Tourette Syndrome?.

    In addition select the link under my signature to the TSFC Home Page where you can read through various background articles.

    Please keep us posted on your progress in determining a diagnosis, and feel free to ask all your questions here.

    Join in any ongoing discussion or start as many as you like to get the info you need.

    Are you aware of a local support group for Tourette in your area?

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    Default Is Tourette's where I should be looking? Can someone help?

    Welcome u2fan

    Follow Steve's advice and read up on TS. You may find that your child does not fit with the symptoms of TS or you may find that you can relate to many of the things written. My oldest was always very active and when he was 8 I realized that things were not normal for all the concerns I was having. He too was stretching his jaw etc. but I didn't think that was anything other than an ear infection ... I was really concerned with the energy. Our GP treated him with antibiotic for his need to stretch his jaw to reduce the feeling in his ears!? I anticipated a diagnosis for ADHD, instead, we discovered that he was having facial grimaces not an ear problem and it was TS plus ADHD we were dealing with. The point being that you need to explore all possibilities to rule things out and the best way to be able to answer questions for your child's doctor is to have a journal of history or behaviors, funny habits, etc plus having some understanding of TS or anything else you think you might be dealing with.

    Thanks for taking advantage of our BB as a resource for your questions. We are here to help you with anything you want to ask. We can be a resource to help you find the things you need. So, stay connected and check out all the info Steve referred you too.
    Janet, mom of 4

    TSFC Homepage

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