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Thread: looking for adults with TS from Montreal.....

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    Default looking for adults with TS from Montreal.....

    Hello everyone,
    I had an amazing time at the conference in Montreal last month. Meeting so many wonderful people and gaining some incredible insight and understanding.
    I was disappointed however that there were not other adults from Montreal with TS. I was actually the only one.
    Where are you? Are you out there?
    If so, please write or get in touch somehow.
    Thank you.

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    Default looking for adults with TS from Montreal.....

    Hello Jill and welcome to the TSFC Forum. Glad to hear you enjoyed the conference in Montreal. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to attend, so I enjoy hearing bits and pieces about it from those who attended.

    There is an active Chapter of TSFC in Montreal and here is the contact info:

    Montreal Chapter
    PO Box 30031
    6815 Rte Trans-Canadienne
    Pointe Claire, QC H9R 1B0
    Phone: (514) 697-3608

    Telephone Roz at the number listed and she will be pleased to fill you in on the Montreal Chapter as well as services available in Montreal.

    The address is just a mailing address..a PO Box.

    The support meetings take place at St. Mary's Hospital and there are several physicians in Montreal who are Tourette experts.

    Let us know what you find out and if you need further info, please let me know.

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    Default looking for adults with TS from Montreal.....

    Hi Jill

    Thanks for joining into the discussions here on the BB. I am not from Montreal but visit usually around 3 times a year and love it. I totally enjoyed the conference being in your beautiful city this year. The BB is a great way to stay connected with people all over the place so be sure to keep visiting us.
    Janet, mom of 4

    TSFC Homepage

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