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Thread: Avoiding Common Problems

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    Default Avoiding Common Problems

    Hopefully soon we can get a diagnosis from the Doctor and when we do, I want to avoid as many problems for my son as I can. So could you tell me a starter medication that is good for ADD. I am not going to seek a medication for TS since it is not really interfering in his life. What are the common problems that happen in a initial diagnosis? Thanks Steph

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    Default Avoiding Common Problems

    Hi Steph,

    Your anticipation of the doctor appointment is well understood.

    Bear in mind that the choice of medication is determined by the diagnosis, and the physician takes into consideration the symptoms to treat, the age and medical history of the patient, other medications being used and the clinical experience of your physician with specific medications.

    It's unfair to your son and to your physician to go into the consultation with a pre determined idea of what the treatment should be.

    A better approach is to encourage a conversation with your physician as to the treatment options available in your son's particular case, then in partnership with your physician a choice can be made.

    Although one medication can be successful in one person, it does not guarantee success in another, which is why the physician's clinical experience is so important.

    Have a look at this posting as well as this posting in the Forum which may be helpful in reparing for your doctor appointment.

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    Default Avoiding Common Problems

    Hi Steve, all of those files said access to pathway is denied. Is there another way to view that information? Thanks Steph

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    Default Avoiding Common Problems


    Denied access may have something to do with your browser security settings. I verified the links when I referred you to them, and again now and all the links contained in the two postings I pointed to work.

    They are pdf files, so perhaps you also need to make sure your Adobe Acrobat reader is updated to version 7.xx

    Let me know if you continue to have difficulty viewing those files.


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    Default Avoiding Common Problems

    Sorry Steve, I am still having problems. I had a virus in my computer a while ago and despite all the work I did to get rid of it, I still see the effects of it.

    I guess the longer the time passes without an official diagnosis and without medication then the more I worry that he will be unable to pass the year end tests for grade 3.

    I have already asked his teacher to please have work sent home in order to understand the work done at school but she refused. His 2 good friends are in his class and if he fails then he will have no one. He has a hard time making new friends and he will be devistated to be left behind.

    I am at a loss as to what my next step is. I feel we are in limbo waiting for answers and help. Steph

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    Default Avoiding Common Problems


    Have you taken your concerns to the principal or vice-principal? Have you spoken to the counselor at the school.

    All of the above should be able to give you the support to get work home to help you son.

    I realize this means more work for the teacher but the cost is to high for your son. The others might be able to push the teacher into helping you. At least you only have half a year left to manage a relationship with her.

    For next year you maybe able to request a teacher be chosen by the counselor and principal for 4th grade. We have done this each year with my son. The difference is clear and everyone is on the same page for the start of school.

    Unfortunately these issues add unnecessary stresses and can take their tole on a parent and family getting what you need for your child.

    I hope you can be given some support through the process. If no one at the school will help after all your efforts, the school board maybe able to assist you. Often support and some programs are available without past knowledge within a system.

    Please keep us posted and be assured you are not alone.

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