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Thread: Celiac plus a lot more

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    Default Celiac plus a lot more

    Well, I haven't posted in a while, because I was totally stressed out over the holidays, and also, because I was feeling really bad again, due to other intolerances cropping up. It very much looks like I am also intolerant to salicylates (present in almost all fruits, many nuts, ALL spices, honey, Aspirin IS a salicylate (it's never helped me, but made pains worse), many vegetables, all teas except chamomile, all oils except for cold pressed sunflower oil). So, now I have to start from scratch again with figuring out my diet, had to replace all my shampoos, soaps etc. for the third time in three months, and I am quite overwhelmed, to say the least.

    The only fruits left to me are peeled pears and peeled golden delicious apples. Bananas are salicylate free, but I can't tolerate them for other reasons.

    I had gone back to terrible body pains (not gastrointestinal symptoms, they come with gluten), crying spells, depression, backaches, asthma, and weight gain (four pounds in two days).

    Yesterday I finally figured it out (through postings in the celiac forum), and avoided all salicylates. Today I am a lot more stable emotionally, the pain is finally subsiding again, my back is much better, the asthma is gone, and I lost five pounds overnight. So, it appears that I am on the right track.

    So, now I am REALLY left with almost nothing to eat! Plus, of course all my vitamins are full of salicylates, and I won't be able to take them any more, as they make me sick rather than healthier! It is very frustrating, to say the least.

    I will try to me more active again, but as you can see, have a lot to deal with right now. It's been a very difficult adjustment, especially because once I think I've got it figured out, the next thing crops up, and I am almost back to square one. :roll:

    And then it won't get into my husband's thick head that I am not 'sinning' when I am having angry outbursts, or crying spells, or being irritable, but that those problems are diet related, because the gluten and salicylates are known to cause those things (besides the fact that TS and AS aren't exactly helpful either, which he won't take into consideration at all).

    I am stressed to the limit, and wouldn't be able to manage without seeing my counselor weekly.
    German citizen, married to a Canadian for 28 years, four daughters, one son, eight grandchildren (and one on the way).

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    Default Celiac plus a lot more


    I am so sorry to hear about your additional medical complications. Please know you are among your friends here and we understand that you have many challenges to face.

    However we also appreciate your insights and your perspectives whenever it is convenient for you to be with us.



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    Default Celiac plus a lot more


    I am glad to see you back on the forum, we've missed you.

    I am sorry you have had to endure so much over these past months and I am sure it has been horrible for you to manage.

    I hope you remember there are people here that do care.

    Have you been able to see a nutritionist about your diet and reactions?

    Is there someone close by like someone from a local university that you could get some help from?

    Have you been able to check the health food stores to find supplements that would not have salicylate?

    Hope to hear from you soon and until then take care.

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    Default Celiac plus a lot more

    Well, PJK, I am in contact with my homeopath, who supplies my vitamins and is a nutritionist as well. I sent her a long, detailed e-mail today, and hope for a reply tomorrow. She is very helpful and understanding, and will do her research to suggest new supplements, I am sure.

    Now that Christmas and New Years is over, the kids have gone back to their own towns/houses, there is no more visiting and getting glutened by too many people eating too many treats and leaving crumbs everywhere without giving my health a second thought, my stress level is less, and I'll have more time to do my research and figuring things out.

    And most doctors (even specialists) are so clueless about Celiac disease, and probably even more so when it comes to being intolerant to salicylates (which is rarer than Celiac disease), that I am not too hopeful in getting any help from their corner. I'd much rather rely on my own research (I enjoy research and I'm good at it) and my homeopath. I am sure it can all be figured out. It's the adjustment that's hard, with everyobody around me eating all the things I can't have. And wanting me to cook things for them I can't even eat myself!

    Thanks Steve for your friendship and understanding. I always know I can come to you all at this forum and let out my frustration and get emotional support. You guys are a source of comfort to me.
    German citizen, married to a Canadian for 28 years, four daughters, one son, eight grandchildren (and one on the way).

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