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Thread: Update from Rose

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    Default Update from Rose

    Rose requested me to post her pm message to me to update the forum.

    She wrote:

    On Dec 22, we finally got into the Tourettes Clinic at Toronto Western where he saw a ped neurologist and the Doctor who is the psychiatrist. And it is official that he has TS and OCD, which is something that we didn't know.

    After seeing 8 Dr's, 4 of them psychiatrists, they all said no sz as the only psychosis is the voices and they attribute that to obsessive thoughts. We were so relieved. They were surprised that he was on Seroquel and Risperdal.

    We are presently weaning him off Seroquel and will put him on Prozac in Feb when we go back to the TS clinic for one final check. Also his Risperdal will be increased to 4 mg from 3 mg.

    I still have questions about the use of Prozac for his OCD symptoms but I think that is just my feeling from the stigma of the name Prozac.

    And on Monday, we got a cancellation from Sick Kids and will be going there for 1 to 3 days for my son to have an EEG done on him to test him for Epilepsy and seizures. Just to rule this out. Our ped neurologist Doctor, says she wants to cover all bases.

    Even though all these Dr's had said Tourettes from the beginning, my son was the first to tell family and friends what is wrong. They asked questions of him and he said there is medicine to help him.

    I intend to post about what to tell people, as family and friends need to know so that they can stand by my son, when they hear things like "why is he acting crazy" or "what's wrong with that kid".

    I am so proud of my son, his marks in grade 11 have improved and he seems more animated now. I don't know if it is because he is coming off Seroquel or that he finally feels good about himself because he knows, but I know I am relieved.

    So now I know where I belong, and I intend to start posting with everyone else. Thank you for caring.


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    Default Update from Rose

    Thanks for the update! We'll be looking forward to hearing from Rose and to learn some insights from her and her son's experience. Perhaps her son would care to join in as well.

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