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Thread: New from Halifax

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    Default New from Halifax

    My son is 8 and recently diagnosed with TS, he actually had to start meds last week. This has all been very overwhelming, I can't even fathom how my son feels. The medication scares me, the doctor just increased the dose and I am so worried about the side effects.

    There is no Chapter in Halifax or surrounding area...I am sure there are others that could use a support group as I could.


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    Default New from Halifax

    Hello Kris,

    Welcome to the TSFC Forum! Glad you found us and you can feel free to ask all your questions here.

    Learning about your son's diagnosis may seem overwhelming, but as you learn more about Tourette and hopefully come in contact with other parents whose child has been diagnosed with Tourette, you will learn strategies which will help to lessen your anxiety.

    There is a great advantage to the fact that your son received a diagnosis at his age of 8. He will have the opportunity to learn about his disorder and how to effectively deal with it in his life.

    Not that many years ago, when Tourette was less understood or even recognized by physicians, children went through much of their lives thinking they were weird, crazy, different ....and thinking they were the only ones in the world doing these things.

    Thanks to your interest, your son has the opportunity to be informed and to learn ways to deal with his Tourette.

    Which medication has your son been prescribed? You may wish to search for the drug name in our Forum, as there are several discussions on meds used to treat symptoms of Tourette in our Treatment Options Section.

    An increase in dosage is not necessarily something to be feared. Some medications have to be stepped up to the most effective therapeutic dose from an initial loading dose.

    Have you discussed your concerns with your son's physician?

    Unfortunately at this time there is no TSFC Chapter in Halifax, as you stated. If you feel you would like to learn about starting a support group feel free to contact the National office of TSFC at (800) 361-3120.

    They may have contact information on other parents in Halifax who have expressed interest, who can be contacted to form a group.

    In addition to the information on the Forum, have a look at the TSFC Homepage to read the articles available for your information.

    You may wish to use this document as a printed reference for details about Tourette Syndrome.

    Feel free to join in any ongoing discussion on the Forum or post a new topic in any discussion section where you feel you would like to ask a question.

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    Default New from Halifax

    Welcome Kris to the TSFC forum!

    I found as a mom with a son that has TS it is helpful for both of you to do some reading to settle the questions and concerns.

    There are a number of books available about TS and some are geared to you son's age. The TSFC website provides some references and other parents have mentioned books available on past discussions.

    If there is a topic of interest you would like more information about you can use the search feature above in blue to find posts from other forum members.

    In our case my son's medication was "stepped up" to provide the dose needed. If you have concerns about this speak to your attending physician about it and let him explain his plan for your son.

    I kept a journal on day to day events and questions to review with our Doctor on our visits. This helped me a lot and our Doctor appreciated the journal for recording concerns and possible tic's.

    I hope you frequent often to the forum and ask questions and respond to other posts. The tic parade and parent sections of the forum are very helpful.

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    Default New from Halifax

    Welcome Kris!

    I can understand the challenge you're facing. I have TS myself... I don't have kids yet (I'm 22), but I can imagine what it might be like to be in that situation -- my little brother developed his TS when he was about 6 or 7. Myself, I've just started medication within the last six months, and it's been quite an interesting ride.

    Medication can be scary at first, but it can also be very helpful. The trick is to just start slowly and monitor changes carefully. Different medications work differently for everyone, so it's important to stay in the loop with your doctor and make sure that you're always getting more benefit than side effects.

    The good thing is that most medications prescribed to those with Tourette's Syndrome don't have permenant side effects, so if something isn't working, or is causing grief, stopping the medication should return everything to normal. (Research the medication with your doctor's help, though -- some medications can't be stopped abruptly, and some take a while to start working.)

    The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to just take it slow and keep learning. These forums are great for that. ;) As your son gets a little older, he'll probably develop more opinions about how he wants to handle the situation, also, so you'll want to listen to his opinion as well.

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    Default New from Halifax

    Hi Kris

    I'm glad you found us. This forum is an awesome support to new moms. Feel free to post any questions you want and we are here to support, answer questions and just listen if that is what you need.

    I know there are several moms in your area and I may be able to help you get connected. Have you followed Steve's suggestion to contact the TSFC yet?

    There were several parents at the last national conference (in Montreal this past Oct) who were from your area and they do meet (they are not officially a chapter yet) but they support each other. Our past president of the TSFC lives here in NL and I know he spent time in Halifax last year with those interested in getting a chapter started. At conference we told the NS moms that the NL chapter would adopt them till they got set up... Several of the moms that did come attended the moms group and many of us exchanged email addresses. I can follow up with some if you want me to and see if we can find you a personal contact in your area.

    you can send me a private message to et me know what you are ready for

    talks soon and continue to visit us
    Janet, mom of 4

    TSFC Homepage

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    Default Thanks

    Thank you so much for the support.

    I am still learning how to navigate throught the different bulletin board sites and have oodles of questions, I have to learn the appropriate places to post them... :?

    Thanks again!


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    Default New from Halifax


    Feel free to ask about anything which is not clear about Forum Navigation in the Forum Usage and Tips section.

    You may also find some tips in the FAQ link above, but we are available to help you find your way around if you need help!

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    Default New from Halifax

    Just wanted to say Hi and Welcome!!! :D


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