So, I was casually strolling the TS community online, and found a bunch of very naughty things Dr. Laura said about TS+. She never really apologized. I just wanted to see if anyone knew if she had put our foot in her mouth since the much - publicized fiasco back in 2001?

I went to her web site to email her and pose some pointed TS+ questions, to see if she has learned any wisdom since (foolish but entertaining - I admit to a sadistic streak some times) and I found this message. What a pompous a** she is, eh?


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For those of you who don't speak Geek, her web site is telling you she will be sending you spam in order to persuade you to give her more money. Man, what a machine she is! And that's an insult.

For the record, I am not trying to pick a fight here, at least not with anyone besides Dr. Laura. I just think we need to keep an eye on certain people who make a mess of the TS+ discussion, out of greed. I found a new word today, and I like it very, very much:


In brief, it is the incorrect oversimplification of a disorder, usually in order to deride people who have it (e.g.: ADHD folks are just lazy) or because of ignorance / stupidity (e.g.: schizophrenia is when you have multiple personalities). Dr. Laura is a prime example. She oversimplifies a disorder BEFORE she does any homework. And then when she does some homework it is outdated by decades. Then to top it all off, she NEVER apologizes. How much trouble are we in, when this woman has (so SHE claims) 18 million listeners? Ugh. With all the money she's making, you'd think she could afford a competent therapist herself.

Is it any wonder that we MUST keep up the good fight? "The struggle continues."