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Thread: video games

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    hi, im new here, and i've yet to find a post with people that play video games or something. im a big Counter Strike Source kind of guy. Anyone here play online? or something? what do you guys do? im 19, is there people my age around here? lemme know, im new around here.
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    Default video games

    I'm 22, and I'm a gaming fan. Right now, I'm playing Dragon Quest VIII on PS2, Super Mario 64 DS, Mario Kart DS and NHL 06 for Xbox. Got those for Christmas ;) . I also play Final Fantasy XI online... but it's been a while since I've actually been on.

    I run a couple of video game Web sites, so I try to always stay in the loop with the gaming industry. Sadly, I spend more time on the sites and working than I get to spend playing the games.

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    Default video games

    I LOVE video games!! I don't play much anymore because i'm such a junkie.. once I get started I never want to stop. So online gaming is DEFINITELY out for me!!!
    I really like the spy/espionage games like Syphon Filter and Metal Gear. But once I start one of those games, my life is pretty much over for the next 2-3 days until I finish it.
    I love Nitrous Oxide too. I know these are kinda older games, but I haven't let myself buy anything new for a long time. I have a bunch of games I hope to trade in--football and racing games I never play-- so I'm hoping to see what new things they've got. I may want to hold off until spring break though so I don't forget about my homework. ;)

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    Default video games

    Hehe, since i'm working in the video game industry, I don't play a lot of different games while I'm home.
    For the last year, I've been playing World of Warcraft hehe ;)

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    Default video games

    I odnt really play video games that much but my dad has a PS2 and my sister a game cube. And I gotta admit I like DDR and Zelda. I stick t o the fun lil mario!

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    Default video games

    My son and I are total addicts.

    We have playstation 1 and 2, gamecube, and x-box and several gameboys.

    We have a ton of games for them. They are alot of fun on rainy days. Steph

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    Default video games

    Nintendo's next-generation system has been renamed from it's code name "Revolution" to "Nintendo Wii".

    That's the big gaming news today.

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    Default video games

    Oh god, this may be the best thread this forums has ever had! lol, j/k. Well, Im 22 and definately like online play! I actually am in a COD2 clan! (Im a nerd! I do get out and play sports!) For my past, thats too many games to mention, but for the present, I play age of empires 3 (PC), call of duty 2 (PC), and axis and allies (PC and board game!) I also play some x-box games, halo (1 and 2), NBA Jam (yes, the old one, only for x-box) I also love football but I never liked madden and now that madden has that deal with the NFL and the sega series is done, I havent play a FB game in a while. But I also own the greatest syetem to ever be produced! (in my opinion) DREAMCAST!!! I love it! Anyways, I guess thats it! lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam
    But I also own the greatest syetem to ever be produced! (in my opinion) DREAMCAST!!!
    The Sega Dreamcast was a fantastic system. If only Sega did better on the hardware side from a business perspective, it might not have been discontinued so soon.

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    Default video games


    Nintendo's next-generation system
    When is it coming out? What else can you tell us about it? Is there going to be more Mario games? My son just bought the latest Mario Party 7 but is looking forward to the next system. Steph

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